I’ll Get You, My Pretty

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Idaho? You have trapped us. It’s like we are stuck in mashed potatoes.


We were planning to leave today. But all of a sudden, Girl Person got that altitude sickness thing again, the laundry was threatening to swallow the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, and then Boy Person put his smelly foot down. Did I say that out loud? He put his big ol’ foot down and told us we were staying put and not moving until Monday. He should have just put it on top of the laundry so it didn’t swallow us. But instead, he said that Montana place wasn’t going anywhere. He said we needed to get caught up. He said we had to rest. He said we had to get cleaned up, and he said Idaho? You have us for a few more days.


Now, I am not one to argue with a smelly foot. So I tried to figure out how I could spend my last remaining days here in Island Park, Idaho. So I thought. And as I thought, I smelled. I tried not to smell his foot. And as I smelled, I knew.

These prairie dog things that aren’t actually dogs who live in the ground here pretending to be dogs, are driving me crazy. They are actually mocking me with their every move. They pop their heads up out of the ground, I go to get them, and they disappear like pancakes on a sunny day.  Or pancakes on a cloudy day.  Or a pancakes on any day. Up. Down. Up. Down.


So can I handle a few more days in this Idaho place? If I have to stay here with these wanna be dogs, well, I am gonna catch them and give them a piece of my mind.

I may be a rescue foxhound, but my breed this weekend is gonna be a prairiedoghound. I just want to have a chat with them.  I can’t have a bark with them, because they seriously are not dogs.  Seriously.

Every place we go on this Adventure Of A Lifetime has its good and its bad points.  Varmits that want to mock me all day are a bad point.  I do want to have a chat with them to find out why they are hiding all the pancakes that I can not find under the ground.  Since we are in Idaho, I know that they are potato pancakes which are even more delicious. And I am going to get to the bottom of this.


Idaho?  You have been fun.  You have been cold.  You have been rainy.  You have been sunny.  Up and down. Up and down.  Just like the prairie dog.  But all in all, we appreciate our time here.  Good food, good people and a wonderful rescue visit with Four Paws Adoption in Rexburg.  They even gave us presents.  Yes, us.  Presents.  And we will be telling you all about them with a fun video on June 11th.


So as we spend our last days here in Idaho, you had better believe I will find out the secret of the underground pancake supply from wanna be dogs.  And…


Stay tuned for more Idaho adventures this weekend on our Facebook page! We have more sights to see and more pancakes to locate.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “I’ll Get You, My Pretty

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh poor Girl Person, tell her to feel better!!!! Like that’s possible, but lots of love sent her way!!! I’m glad Boy Person said no can do!! And Digby, those poor little wanna-be’s just aspire to be like you and The Sheriff, yes, they may mock you, but according to the video, looks like they have their share of predators. I know you would never hurt them. They look very sleepy, tipping over all the time, just go in for the talk when they start to look drowsy!!!! I’m glad you’re staying put, I hope the weather cooperates, much love to you all, take care of yourselves!!!!! Love to you all!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Karen Hampton

    Altitude sickness SUCKS!!! I get it, too!!! Why I live just above Sea Level!!! Stuck in Mashed Potatoes? What a way to ‘go’……..YUM!!!! 😘❤️❤️❤️🐶🐺

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