This Week Is Arrested. Twice.

This is Sheriff Peanut Brickle. First of all, welcome to Washington. Second of all, can we go to bed now?


Deputy Digby has never needed an excuse to sleep, but he definitely doesn’t need one now. This week, we went through Montana. Idaho. Washington. We went thru rain. Sleet. Snow. And more rain. And more rain. And more rain.  And I wish I could say it was a good week.  But it definitely could have used improvement. And it definitely.  Is. Arrested.  Twice.

One time in a week of breaking down is enough.


And like Gandpa always said, I was about to “break bad” on everyone after the first one.  But then yesterday, when we had yet another long drive ahead of us, the Big Blue Treat Wagon decided to let us know he was not liking the bad diesel gas apparently we got in Montana.  And as we started up a hill, the RV stopped.  We tried to start it again.  It stopped.  It sputtered. There was no where to pull over, and there we were.  Stuck in the middle of the road in a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and yellow Jeep.  Did I mention the night before that the Jeep was smoking? I’ll save that story for another rainy day.

If you have ever been in the middle of nowhere,  you don’t need me to give you directions.  Your cell phone won’t work.  All you see is miles of hills or mountains and just, well, nothing.  And it can seem overwhelming, you know, being stuck in the middle of the road waiting for someone to plow into you.  And you want to scream and cry and throw a towel in.  But no one would see you do it anyway.

So as the persons tried to calmly yet quickly decide what to do, Girl Person put on emergency mode.  Get water for dogs.  Get food for dogs.  Get treats for dogs.  Get poop bags, get purse and get us out of this death trap.  We tried not to fall out into the pea fields down yet another ditch and got in the Jeep.  Boy Person had to stay with the RV.  I would have liked to push it into the peas.

Since their phones wouldn’t work, Girl Person had no idea where to go to get fuel filters again.  So she drove.  And looked.  And she decided that the only house out there wouldn’t have them, or may have a serial killer there.  She turned around, and all of a sudden she saw it. A town. A little town with auto parts.  And we were going to be ok.

I am shortening this story due to it being boring and due to me being tired.  But let’s just say that after a few hours of being stranded, we loaded up again in the RV and hoped.  We hoped that it wouldn’t happen again and that our four hour drive would be safe.  We called a RV park, they said they had a space and we kept going.

As we started out again hungry and tired, it started raining more and more and more.  And we wondered if we could do this.  And it wasn’t easy. And we were scared. And we were tired.  And I have to tell you the truth. We feel pretty defeated.

But as we neared our destination in Washington wine country, we felt a boost of energy. Actually, the persons did.

I was just irritable and Digby was still sleeping.  We need today to rest.  That is an order by me, the Sheriff.  This trip has taken us longer than expected, and yes, it was harder than expected. It was harder on the persons, us, and the cars. Can we finish the remaining three states and rescues?  We think we can, but only if the RV and Jeep cooperate a little with us!  So, we ask you to send some good thoughts our way, and let’s see what a day of rest can do.  I will rest as soon as I write my arrest reports.  To get arrested twice in one week is a record, Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.

Washington? We have been looking forward to meeting you and your wine!  We know you will renew our strength.  We can feel it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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You’ve Got A Friend. And More Potatoes.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I guess I will start off by briefing you on where we are. Somehow, we ended up back in this Idaho place instead of the Washington place. Wrong turn? I guess you could say that, but you would be incorrect. If you were following us on Facebook yesterday, you would have been aware that we left Polson, Montana headed towards our first Washington destination near Seattle. We had to go thru Idaho to get there. And we are also navigating away from rain. When Deputy Digby saw this Idaho place on the map again, he highly suggested going that way in order to get some more potato pancakes.


As we were driving, the persons were talking about nonsense as usual. Girl Person was being a wonderful stewardess and getting us snacks and blankets. Then, all of a sudden the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV started jerking. And making odd noises. And the persons looked at each other in disbelief. Here we were, in the middle of nowhere with a big problem on our hands. I felt an arrest coming.


It was a very busy road with big trucks flying by us. And as we tried to find somewhere to pull over, the RV just kept jerking. The RV just kept sputtering. And I was getting irritated because it is very hard to be the center of attention with nonsense like this. I looked back at Deputy Digby and as usual, nothing could interrupt his slumber. By this point, we barely made it off of the road next to a deep ditch. The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV shut off. The person looked at each other again. And Boy Person said it was going to be a long day.


Now, when I know something is wrong, which is all the time, because I know everything, I want to take action. I was finding it a bother that I could not get out to stretch my legs because of that ditch. And did I mention the train?

Every time a car or a truck went by us, it shook the RV so hard that I thought I would fly off into the ditch. But there was Boy Person, trying to save us all from impending danger outside in the ditch himself. As Girl Person tried to keep us calm by feeding us more snacks and getting us more blankets, she remarked that she couldn’t believe how many people went by us without stopping. As soon as she said that, we heard it. A car stopped and two people got out. They told Boy Person they were fans and asked if they could help. Now seriously folks. What were the chances that a fan of mine, I mean me and Digby’s would happen to be driving by? As much of a chance as a plate of pancakes won’t disappear if left on the counter for five minutes around Digby.


If there was ever a time when we needed a boost, it was yesterday. Sometimes, so many things go wrong that you just have to go with it. If one thing goes wrong in your life, it may seem like a big deal. But a million things going wrong at the same time kinda just go together. If this would have happened last week, the persons would have let it bother them much more. But with the week we have been having, it seemed normal.

But as the persons talked to our fans that were so nice to stop, they realized that bumps along the road just happen. Bumps are what makes memories. Rain is what makes things grow. Specifically potatoes if you are in Idaho, but we were still in Montana at this point, so never mind.

It may not always seem fun at the time, but it is guaranteed that you will learn from the bumps, and be prepared for the next time. You also find out who your true friends are. And we needed the support so much.

Boy Person fixed the Big Blue Treat Wagon up, we were headed out on the road again, and that is how we ended up here in this Idaho place again. We may not have made it as far as we wanted to yesterday. But where we ended up was pretty awesome.


And as the persons took their cold prison showers in the campground, they said how great it was to be there and not in a ditch. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate the journey it took you to get there. And if you don’t make it as far as you want, love where you land. Because there might just be some potato pancakes there.

Where are we headed today? We have no clue. And we are just gonna go with it. Watch our Facebook page today to find out where we go…when we get cell service. Idaho? How do you talk on the phone anyways? Do we need to buy a potato phone somewhere?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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