At Least…

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days seem like they go on forever, especially if you are driving your house down the road in an unfamiliar place.  You would think that the persons would have this driving and camping thing down pat.  I don’t know who Pat is, but he isn’t helping us.  And he sure didn’t help us yesterday.

We thought that we only had about three hours to drive to the Columbia River area in Oregon.  Until we got stuck in a traffic jam five minutes later with no way to turn around.  You try backing up a rv with a car attached.  It’s like telling my booty to move over.  There ain’t no room.


After we got out of the traffic jam which I wish would have been strawberry jam, we got into the forest and winding roads.  Try driving a rv under low hanging Oregon trees.  There ain’t no room again.  At least we finally found our way out of the forest.  And right into a busy city called Portland with many people, many cars and no room for a rv or my booty, or Sheriff Brickle’s attitude.  But at least we finally got out of the city.  But we had no gas.  And we needed to stop.  And well, you can’t just pull into any gas station with this  Big Blue Treat Wagon Rv.  Well, at least we would be able find one right off the interstate.  Oh yeah, five tries and one hour extra later, we finally found one. And then the bank thought we were buying too much gas and we had to call the bank.  At least Oregon doesn’t let you pump your own gas. Cause you know…that would be annoying…

But at least we were almost to camp.  You know, that wonderful campground that the persons read about online.  After we couldn’t find any where to stay in this Oregon place, we thought we found the one.  Well, at least it would be quiet…IMG_2611.jpgOh, you know.  It is totally normal for a train to run right down the middle of a campground.  And more normal for it to plow through every hour.  At least we had a great spot in the campground.  Its not like it was near the smelly restroom or anything…IMG_2572And at least the showers weren’t prison showers…IMG_2570And at least we weren’t parked next to a dumpster.  I mean at leastIMG_2576

Plus, you know, it wasn’t dusty or anything.  At least…


So about this time, the persons were wondering what we could do to pull our day together.  The least we could do was give this part of Oregon a chance.  And then…


The biggest river we had ever seen appeared before us.  And it seemed like the day was worth all of the effort to get here.  It seemed like we would be able to pull ourselves together.  At least tomorrow, because we were ready for bed.  And yet…the train.

At least that doesn’t make Sheriff Brickle cranky or anything.  At. Least.

Stick with us fans, because we have lots of adventures still this week in Oregon, and a fun recipe you won’t want to miss live on Facebook Sunday!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


Only hours are left remaining for our latest fundraiser of the trip!  


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  1. Jacqueline

    Oh my dear sweet Family, I had one of the worst days in a long time as well, my only happiness was coming home to see my puppers and so that I could read your blog and see your posts! I hope you know how important your days are to some of us, and keep on “Riding The Rails”!!! I know, too soon!!! 😉 Still and all, you always find the glory, so please know how much you are needed, loved and appreciated!!! I hope you all get some sleep!!! Peace!!! xoxoxoxxooo <3 <3 <3 <3

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