Joy To You And Me, Mississippi!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a week we had in this Mississippi place!  Thank you so much, Mississippi!  But I guess it is time to say goodbye.  Seems like we just got here.  Oh…we did a week ago!  Time goes by fast.


This was our first week back on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And it was a little hard to get back into the swing of things I guess.  We all seemed to be very tired.  Which was appropriate because we visited with Tired Dog Rescue in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Here’s the video in case you missed it!

We also had a big write up in the Sun Herald.  Yes, someone actually wrote about US for a change!  Sheriff Brickle got a bigger head than usual, I was downright embarrassed of what they printed about me! The important thing was that the rescue we visited here got some exposure too.  And that is what this trip is all about.  Well, that and having a good time!

We concentrated our visit in Mississippi to the coastal areas.  Why? Well.  We love the water.  We love the sand.  It makes us feel good.  And it was the perfect way to get back into the swing of things.  What the persons didn’t know was that this area like many is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina which happened a long, long time ago.  Even longer than I have been alive.  And so as we drove around, we were a bit surprised that there were still many houses that were not built back. There was still debris and sadness from a storm that destroyed so much.

But there was also so much beauty to see, and it made us joyful that the people here love their home so much.  They are trying to rebuild and recover.  Slowly but surely, they will do that!

How can sadness bring joy?  If anyone knows joy, it is me!  Sometimes you have to experience a bit of sadness to appreciate the good in life.  Sometimes it takes losing something to make you remember why you needed it so much.  And we can only grow from what we go thru in life.  Life goes on…no matter how we react to it.  We can pout like Sheriff Brickle does sometimes, or we can roll in whatever stinks, which is what I do!  Life goes on.  We just have to decide how we are going to feel about that.

And Mississippi taught us that. Even the “Hurricane Katrina” trees taught us even though these trees did not make it thru the storm, their beauty can live on.


We never expected Mississippi to teach us to appreciate what we have right in front of us.  I hear that for persons, sometimes it is hard to let go of things that they wished they had done in life.  It is hard to let go of beating themselves up over mistakes.  Or regrets.  But just like in Mississippi, life has went on here. Time goes by fast whether we want it to or not. Time goes by faster it seems the older we get.  I can tell you that.  Time also goes by fast when you first get a plate of pancakes and then they are gone in five seconds.  Stupid time.

We can’t let the past rob of the joy that we can have now.  So Mississippi?  You not only showed us the surprising beauty of your beaches, your state parks, your people and your food…like those collard greens Girl Person made us.


But you showed us that moving on can be joyful.  It can be cleansing, like a hurricane.  And it is necessary to be happy.  Thank you Mississippi!


Now.  Today, we are headed to somewhere called a Louisiana place, the #36 state!  Girl Person says her family used to live there.  I am interested in something called a beignet that I keep hearing about which apparently is better to some people than a pancake because it is a french doughnut!  Gotta find out what this is about.


Beyond that, I haven’t really listened to what else we are up to.  The rescue we are visiting with though is in Franklinton, Louisiana called the Magnolia Chapter Of the Humane Society of Louisiana who really needs our help.  They have animals like Harper here who was a stray for a long, long time.

Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana

So fans? Are you ready to let go of whatever is holding you back this week from joy?  Let’s find our happy together, roll in whatever stink you need to, get that over with and jump in this Big Blue Treat Wagon for a trip to Louisiana!  Let’s go! Joy to you and me!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Joy To You And Me, Mississippi!

  1. Jacqueline

    I’m so sorry I am so tardy, I’ve been out of town and I couldn’t reply for who knows what reasons, but BEAUTIFUL BLOG, the graphics on “Stop Hounding Me” were so hilarious and adorable, and SO awesome on the Sun Herald article!!!!! I loved it!!! (Don’t be embarrassed, Digby, you looked funnier with that Full Frontal Face that ashamed The Sheriff during your episode!!!)
    Love you all, and the pictures and videos were the best!!!! xoxoxoxxo

  2. Sandy

    Very wise way to look and act to and with LIFE! We will follow wherever your trail leads; with love and support and puppy-kisses! Be Blessed! Stay Safe!

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