Well. It Starts With The Same Letter At Least.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days just don’t go as planned.  As Girl Person says, “you can’t win for losin'”.  I don’t know what we lost though except for our minds yesterday in this Mississippi place.

We had our day all planned out.  We were going to visit a place called the National Seashore near Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  We had our lunch packed.  We had our snacks packed.  And we had our backup snacks packed.  We knew we had a while to drive, but it was all good because we were driving along the water.  And that is one of our favorite things. Plus, we were headed to a beach.  Right?  It had to be called a National Seashore for a reason.  Seashore. Beach.  Yeah, makes sense.  Except I guess not in Mississippi.

We pulled into the seashore and we didn’t see a beach.  No beach in sight.  Nope.  None.


I knew right away there was going to be an arrest.  How did I know?  Seriously though…


So the persons got out their brochure.  They went in the visitor center.  So, yeah, hey, where is the beach I can eat my snacks at?  There is no beach here they said.  There is a bayou though.  A bayou?  Well, huh.  I thought to myself, self?  Bayou and beach start with the same letter at least.  And since Girl Person is always bragging about how she won the sixth grade spelling bee like eighty years ago plus a day, did she simply concentrate too hard on the letter “b”?  I found this to be the only logical explanation.


I may be a dog, I may not know how to spell, but I know a beach from a bayou.  Because anything other than the beach is not a beach, so a bayou would not be a beach.  How could the persons make such a mistake?  They explained to me that this is part of traveling.  You learn, you make mistakes, you enjoy what is in front of you and you don’t worry about the rest.  You appreciate that at least you can spell things with the letter b and you laugh about it and eat your snacks on aforementioned bayou that is not a beach.

After you learn what a bayou is though, you realize that since alligators live here, you may not want to eat your aforementioned snacks on the aforementioned bayou.  And so you take your snacks to a picnic area overlooking the bayou which is not a beach but starts with the letter b as spelled by Girl Person.

I can tell you what else starts with the letter b.  Beautiful.  No, I am not describing Sheriff Brickle, although yeah, Brickle starts with the letter b too.  I am talking about beautiful Mississippi.  We have loved our time here so far.  We have much more to explore and enjoy, so stay with us thru the weekend!  We met Tired Dog Rescue and their awesome people and animals which we will be telling you all about Sunday on our Facebook page with videos and other fun stuff!  Plus, Sunday at 4 p.m. CST, Girl Person will be live on our Facebook page cooking up a Mississippi dog treat.  So thank you Mississippi for teaching us many things this week so far.  We learned what a bayou is, what it isn’t and how wonderful it still is.  Because so many times, the unexpected events in your day turn out to be the best ones.  And that is how Mississippi has been for us.  Thank you Mississippi place.  But I do not thank you for having a name so long and giving Girl Person bragging rights she can spell it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

P.S.  I have more to say…I am on a roll.

This week, we visited Tired Dog Rescue from Gulfport, Mississippi.  


We were so impressed with their love and care to many dogs that may be ill, senior, or in the last stages of life.  They value each and every one of these animals, and it made us think about our favorite book The Endless Path by Laurie Duperier and her dog Gunny.

Sometimes, persons may wonder if their dog is truly ok with living life even though they are old or sick.  Do they appreciate all of the love and concern that is showed to them by their person or persons at a rescue or shelter?  Gunny explained how he felt when he was undergoing this kind of situation with his Girl Person in The Endless Path.

“I know we have walked this walk together so many times. Why is letting go so difficult? Not just for you but for me also. I have to be honest about that. It hasn’t only been your need for me to stay but mine also because I keep finding a new surprise around every corner in this amazing life I share with you. We both have a choice, a say in our future together or apart. But I believe as before we are still held together by mutual love and will find each other again in the mist of eternity.”- Gunny

Simply put, every life matters..and every minute matters together.  Never take that for granted..even if there is only one minute left.

Thru the month of February, this book’s kind author is donating $5 for every book sold to 2 Traveling Dogs and our rescue mission! Plus, every book is autographed. In order for us to get credit, you must order only thru this link!


Thank you Laurie and Gunny, and to all of our fans for their continued support!

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4 thoughts on “Well. It Starts With The Same Letter At Least.

  1. Iris j

    Well, maybe it wasn’t a beach but by the time you were through it was alright bayou! Just need a little Justin Wilson cooking and zydeco music – oooops, that Louisiana! ❤❤❤

  2. Jacqueline

    You know what else starts with “B”? The BEST!!!! Which is what you all truly are. And what you’re doing. Thank you so much for all of the Bountiful Blessings you Bring to everyBody every day!!!
    Much Love,
    Jackie xoxoxoxoxo <3

    1. Jacqueline

      Sorry, I meant to say this before I was done, but both of those pictures of you boys are PRICELESS!!!!! PERFECT!!!! (Sorry, that doesn’t start with a “B”!!!!! )

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