Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. You know, some people would not have called this a beautiful week. In fact, probably fewer than one. The Big Blue Treat Wagon quit, the Jeep is trying to quit still, and Girl Person and Boy Person said if they had a choice, they would turn their two week’s notice into themselves. Deputy Digby wouldn’t quit because he doesn’t do anything to quit anything.


It was one of those weeks where my beauty was certainly a ray of sunshine. You see, we had been watching for rain for days. Just one of the problems that the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV has is that it is old. It also doesn’t like the rain and instead tries to throw it inside the windows or throw it in the air conditioner to pour down from the ceiling. Pouring rain is not such a sweet thing.


But. The rain was less than we had thought, and although Boy Person worked so hard for two days, he didn’t give up. He tried to remain positive and Girl Person tried to leave him alone. You see, after a million trillion years of being married, they are like the dinosaurs. They know when to be extinct from each other.

But on one of our walks by the Louisiana swamp, it became apparent that we were not the only ones there. In fact, a few alligators made their presence known, and yep. We respected the fact that they were having their breakfast, but we didn’t want to be their side of bacon with eggs.

It was as we were running away and trying to catch our breath that Girl Person remarked that she didn’t know what was worse. Being broke down in the Louisiana swamp and trying to keep from being an alligator’s meal, or the stress that it was putting on all of us to keep going. And she said that was it. We had to regroup again. We had to look at the bright side, even if the rain was coming down. Somehow, we would find a way out of this mess just like the quicksand trying to swallow our positiveness up.


That is when I decided that my handsome fixes just about anything. No, it can’t make the RV run any better, or at all. But when you see my handsome, it allows you to see all of the other beautiful things around you.  I mean…look at me.  Have you ever hit the enhance button to make a picture look better?  Well, it goes without saying that there is no such button on my picture because it is already perfect.


I believe that everything, even Digby, is beautiful in its own way.  Not as beautiful as me.  But even our problems are beautiful because it helps us to appreciate the good days.

It’s funny.  We don’t have a home to go to yet in that Florida place.  But we are trying our hardest to get there.  Because we have to believe that our home is there. We have to get there.  This Big Blue Treat Wagon has to get us there.  It has to.  We have to do this. Rain or quicksand.  Alligators or mosquitos.  Big Blue Treat Wagon RV or the bus.  We just wanna go home.

So many of our fans offered to help, and if we knew what help to ask for, we probably still wouldn’t ask.  The persons are pretty stubborn that way.  Like me, they take care of their own business.

So bear with us today. We will find out if we have to get towed out of here to let someone fix this thing.  We will let you know what is happening on our Facebook page today.  Stay. Tuned.  And if your day is filled with stuff that is trying to make you forget about the beautiful, you know what to do.  Here is my picture again.  You’re welcome.


-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Why Don’t You Give Me Three Steps

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Not many would call me a man of danger. They would call me a man of pancakes, a man of poop rolling, or a man of bad breath. But a man of danger?

As we went walking on the trails in Louisiana yesterday, it became very obvious that we had company.


I was scared and fearing for my life
I was shaking like a leaf on a tree
‘Cause he was lean, mean
Big and bad, Lord

Now, I know that I don’t live here, and this is in fact their house. We are just guests. But a man of danger, I am not. I am a man of respect in this case. And even Sheriff Brickle knows that these guys would probably resist arrest.


I am also a man that knows you gotta give me a running start if in fact I am going to outrun a gator. I am not a fast man. Ok. I am not a man. It took me a long time to get to that. And it would take me a long time to get outta there.

Oh, won’t you
Gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister
Gimme three steps toward the door?

You see, alligators are fast I hear. We lived in that Florida place most of our life, so we know a thing or five about alligators.

If I was a man, it would not be of danger, but a man of appreciation. You see, as much as we don’t want to get hurt by an alligator or worse, persons have to understand, like animals, that we all have our place. To not live or appreciate things in nature because we are scared that they may possibly be out there is enough to cause Sheriff Brickle to arrest you. Twice.

Don’t want no trouble with you
And I know you don’t owe me
But I wish you’d let me
Ask one favor from you

Why are people so afraid? Well, I think it is because they don’t realize the dangerous things that they do everyday like drive in their cars or fly in airplanes.  We all get used to certain things, but it doesn’t make them any less dangerous.


I am not a man of danger, but if I was, I would tell you to live life fully and to do things that may be beyond your comfort zone.  Go places that are waiting for you to visit them and to learn about them.  Yes, even like the swamps of Louisiana.

And if something makes you afraid, like the alligators? Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing either.  Feeling emotions, feeling life makes us think about other parts of our life.  For Girl Person, being respectful and careful of the alligators on our hikes makes her aware.  She is more cautious of us getting in bushes, or too close to the water.  It makes her more cautious with us in other places, because sometimes, you go too fast, not being observant.  For the persons, they have been worried about the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and how we are even going to get out of here.  Which is making us appreciate the alligators too.  We may be staying at their house for awhile.

Ça c’est bon (Sa say boh(n)): That’s good.  There is your cajun lesson today, y’all.


So what am I trying to tell you today in a round about, swampy way? If there is something you have been wanting to do, try it even if it makes you scared.  You can always turn around.  I’ll give you three steps towards the door.  But just do it.

So there you have it.  Coming from a man of pancakes, not danger.  Don’t let life bite you. Bite back.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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