Pawcast Podcast #17 Pennsylvania

Our travels thru the great state of Pennsylvania with Brickle and Digby were eventful…as always.  In this podcast we discuss cheesesteak, a small animal rescue that drove hours to meet us, and a bridge unlike no other.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Philly Cheesesteak For Dogs Recipe

Strayhaven Animal Shelter

“Stop Hounding Me” Episode For Pennsylvania



Pawcast Podcast #16 New York

Our Adventure Of A Lifetime tour continues in the surprising state of New York!  New York isn’t just about the city.

Mentioned in this Pawcast:

There’s Hope Dog Rescue

New York Pizza Bagel For Dogs 

Stop Hounding Me In New York

Pawcast Podcast #15 Vermont

The state of Vermont may be known for its maple syrup and cheese, but that is only the beginning.  2 Traveling Dogs discusses their time in Vermont on the Adventure Of A Lifetime and how breakdowns, bike accidents and animal rescuers made a lasting impression.

Discussed in this Pawcast:

Stop Hounding Me Episode In Vermont

The Springfield Humane Society Of Vermont

Tree Farm Campground

Quechee Gorge

Sugarshack Farm


Pawcast Podcast #14 Maine

Things are never boring on the Adventure Of A Lifetime! Girl Person and Boy Person discuss our travels thru Maine, breaking down and pie.  Blueberry.  Pie.

Mentioned in this Pawcast Podcast:

SPCA Of Hancock County

Brickle’s Maine Blueberry Pie Recipe For Dogs and People

7 Greatest Things To Do With Your Dog In Maine

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Pawcast Podcast #13 New Hampshire

In our #13 Pawcast Podcast on the Adventure Of A Lifetime, we discuss our trials and fun hikes in the great state of New Hampshire.  We also talk about a donut recipe for dogs and how a horse sanctuary is doing some amazing things for animals.

Mentioned on this week’s podcast:

Live and Let Live Farm 

Apple Cider Donuts For Dogs Recipe



Pawcast Podcast #12 Massachusetts

In this week’s episode, Boy Person, Girl Person, Brickle and Digby talk about our travels through the great state of Massachusetts!  Who remembers Lite-Brite?  Yep, as usual, we get way off track.

Mentioned in this week’s podcast:

The Scituate Animal Shelter

Brickle’s Boston Baked Beans Recipe

Pawcast Podcast #11 Rhode Island

Boy Person and Girl Person are back again with the 2 Traveling Dogs Pawcast Podcast! This week, we discuss our adventures and travels through the smallest state in size, Rhode Island!

As usual, we get off track a bit, but travel back in time with us as we talk about fireworks, campground antics and yes, the animal rescue we visited, The Abandoned Dogs Of Rhode Island.

Pawcast Podcast #9 The New York City Special Edition

When we took Brickle and Digby to New York City, we were nervous.  And we had reason to be.  Listen to Girl Person and Boy Person discuss our trip into Manhattan, running out of gas, Central Park and how two country dogs reacted to the Big Apple.

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Talked about on the podcast:

Pizza Treat Recipe For Dogs

Girl Person making pizza for dogs on Daytime NBC

Urgent Pets Of Death Row


Pawcast Podcast #8 New Jersey

Our podcasts are back! Thank you for your patience as we were traveling the country!

This week on the 2 Traveling Dogs Pawcast, we discuss our time in New Jersey!  From the beautiful countryside to a pawsome rescue, O.S.C.A.R., our time in the Garden State was an eventful one!


Plus, learn how to cook up a New Jersey dog treat, Growlin’ Gravy!

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