Jambalaya And A CrawFish Pie

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Well.  You know what’s coming.  Welcome to Louisiana everyone! We made it to our #36 state on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And it’s true.  My handsome is just adding to the beauty of this state already. We are ready to have a great week.  We have our camping spot all set up here until we move again to another Louisiana camp on Friday.

Girl Person says that Louisiana is a state many people want to visit.  They like the music of this state, they like to dance and they like to party.  I like to pawty.  If pawtying means policing, upholding the law and bossing the Deputy around.  If that is the definition of pawty, I like to do that.  But partying?  Get ready Louisiana, I am here to make some arrests.  Because I hear that your partying, your food and your music make people crazy.  The pawsabilities for arrest are endless.  Oh yes, it is going to be a good week.

Apparently, gumbo and jambalaya are not the same things here in this Louisiana place. We aim to find out the difference. Also, pancakes are replaced by something called beignets in New Orleans.  PLUS, Girl Person says they have places that you can get a frozen daiquiri at a drive-thru! You heard me…a drive-thru.  I have a feeling that my arrests here in Louisiana will be the most out of any state so far. And the most dangerous yet.




But as Sheriff, I am not afraid of much.  Unless you count bridges, metal grates to walk across or tile floors.  I never put it on my resume I was not afraid of aforementioned things, and therefore, it is not in my job description.  What IS in my job description however this week is showing you what a great state Louisiana is.  And today, we will be starting with…New Orleans.

So are you ready fans?  I am.  My badge is on.  My handsome is sooooo on.  And let’s do this!  By the way, if you see us walking down Bourbon Street today, I can or cannot guarantee that Girl Person will have a frozen daiquiri in hand and Digby may or may not have powdered sugar all over his mouth.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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