Oh Yeah, I Remember That.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  So, are you enjoying your time with us in that Florida place so far?  Good.  There will be a lot more to see, including Sheriff Brickle’s wagging corn dog tail.  He sure loves the ocean.  And there is a lot of that here.  Oh yeah, I remember that.


Yesterday, we spent our time in a place called St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida.

After eight long months of traveling, this was a wonderful place to land our paws for a day.  We got to see the water, the dolphins, go on hiking trails and even learn a little history.


We have traveled to 34 states so far on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, and it all seems to be a blur.  Our rescue visits, our Stop Hounding Me episodes, the blog, other rescue work, the weekly recipes for each state on Your Dog’s Diner and the persons’ business.  Well, it is a lot to juggle.  Even more than trying to fit a whole stack of pancakes in your mouth at once. It can be done…but it’s hard.

Will we remember how to stop? To relax? To slow down just a little during this 3 week break?  We hope so.  Well, I sure as anything remember.  I never forget how to relax. I am Digby. Pancake. Deputy Digby Pancake.  Always on the job of sleeping.  Yeah, I remember that.IMG_1921.JPG

Today, we are inching closer to family and friends in Tampa.  So we will be driving another 5 hours and staying the night at another camp.  The persons said we could drive the remaining 7 hours all at once, but they don’t want to make it hard on me and the Sheriff. And or get arrested.  No, they don’t want to get arrested.  Yeah, I remember that.

So, are you ready? We hate to leave this wonderful park, but when we see family and friends, the view of their faces will be just as beautiful. Oh, and will you read my book report below? It’s Thursday and vacation or not, I still had to turn in my assignment.  I asked nicely.  I asked sweetly.  Mmmmm.  I need some maple syrup.  Always makes pancakes better. Yeah, I totally remember that.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

This is Digby again. This month, we asked our fans to read a book along with us called The Endless Path by Laurie Duperier.  I like to read to you a part each week for those following along.


This part of the book I suggested to the persons that they read.  During our trip, we have been witness to much suffering by animals.  We have heard many stories of abuse, neglect and have had our hearts torn in two.  We knew before this trip that every life mattered.  We knew before this trip that we were going to have some difficult times.  But as we saw these animals in person, in real life, and looked into their eyes, we often wondered what these animals thought was the meaning of their life. It became apparent as we read this book how unique and special each animal was.  Yes, even an animal part of the millions euthanized each year. We want to remember each one of these animals as special. So as we were reading this book written by my good friend Gunny and his Girl Person Laurie, this part spoke to us. This part of the book is in chapter 24 and is Gunny talking.  He is a chocolate lab by the way and very handsome. Don’t tell the Sheriff I said that.

You asked, ‘What is life’s purpose as I see it?  Interesting question. One thought up by someone other than a dog.

Some dogs are given tasks to do, some are trained for their owners to command, some dogs are given the job of companionship, some are mistreated and neglected, some take off on their own or try to.  I would imagine the answer would be very subjective but I want to think about why dogs are so loyal to their companions, especially when mistreated.  Does it go beyond necessity?  I know in my case (I’m not mistreated), it is partly because of instinct and partly because of an internal mutual attraction and need to be loved and to be loved.  So one conclusion is there is something in our core that instinctually makes us trust and love until proven otherwise but even still we persist as any abused being, human or animal, even when it becomes unbearable. 

Then, a little further down the same page, 171, he says

I am just beginning to understand myself and there is so much more to learn.  Humans are complicated.  Most animals are not.  Maybe it’s because animals don’t pretend to be something they’re not.  They don’t have hidden agendas and their basic desires are known.  They are honest.  They have no reason to lie.  A predator is a predator.  Humans may say one thing and mean another.  We all have to find a way to survive, but animals have a clearer connection to the earth than most people have.  They are aware of its heart, its pulse.

The persons have told Sheriff Brickle and I that we changed their lives.  And yes, I am sure they have eaten more pancakes and peanut butter cookies in their life than they thought possible.  But it is Brickle and I’s hope that we will show people that each animal has feelings.  Hopes.  Dreams.  Like our friend Gunny who wrote such an awesome book.  He made a difference.  And we hope we can make a difference too.  When you look at your furkid today, we ask that you think a little about what makes them special and how  you can work together to realize the dreams you each have.  Because there are animals today that will lose their lives. Who never had a chance to realize their dreams here.  And they deserved that.

Purchase your copy of The Endless Path on Amazon and read along with us next week!





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    Deputy Digby,
    This book looks excellent – I have put it on my Amazon wish list, as I have already spent too much money for Christmas!

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