New To You

This is Fruitycake the Raccoon.  We moved so many times during the last week that it is hard to keep up.  Actually, it isn’t hard to keep up, because all we have done is move around in the same area.

Campsites are hard to come by these days, I am told.  I guess everyone likes carrying their house like the gopher turtles I met this weekend too.

The persons and Brickle told me that this last campground we have ended up at, well, they have visited it before.

They said that it is one of Brickle’s favorite places because there is huge dog beach where he can swim and run off leash.  And they told me I may like it too.

I like how they don’t tell me that I WILL like something.  The truth is, I really don’t know what I like yet or what I am scared of.  The feelings seem pretty similar to me. I want to have fun, but sometimes I don’t know if I should have fun, or if I should be scared of the fun.  I like to watch Brickle to see if he is scared.  And I haven’t found anything he is scared of just yet.

I am excited that I get to try new things, even if they aren’t new to the rest of my family.  Girl Person says that I deserve to experience new things that are new to me, even if they are only new to me.

She said no one, absolutely no one, should take away my joy.  She said no one, absolutely no one, should try to influence how I personally feel.

The beach seems like fun.  I have never been off leash before unless you count the time I was a stray.  Or if you could the time in the dog park.  But to me, those places had boundaries. In one place, I was fighting to survive.

In the dog park, it is the appearance of being free.  But you are still held in by fences.

So how will I like this new beach swimming place that Brickle loves?  Only the week will tell.  The persons say we can take it slow, or I can jump right in.  I like how there isn’t pressure.  That makes it seem like my decision.  And I like to make decisions just like you. Have you ever let your dog make some decisions during the day?  Can you do that for me?

Never, ever, let someone take away your joy. Don’t dwell on other opinions or what you read online.  If it is new to you, it is a new place for YOU to learn about.  It is a new place for you to experience.  Only you can see it with your eyes.  Enjoy it!

-Fruitycake The Raccoon


2 thoughts on “New To You

  1. Theresa Bates

    Just looking at the picture of you at that shelter place where you didn’t even have a name and the pictures of you now… you look like a different dog! You look so happy now. At the shelter place, you were not so sure of yourself. You looked frightened, insecure, and not quite ready to trust humans. Your persons have made you feel welcome and loved. You are visibly happier, and I don’t think you’ll ever realize just how many humans look forward to seeing how you and Brickle are progressing these days. I do hope you enjoy the beach, but if you don’t want to frolic in the water, well, you just be yourself.

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