Why Dog Parents Need A Community

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I didn’t know. I just didn’t know. Raising a dog can be a challenge sometimes. The picture you see on the cover photo of this article was taken in 2011! The boys were young. I was younger. And I had no idea the twists and turns, moves and travels that we would go thru together.

But most of our days are pretty normal…except for that injury I sustained this week when a leash got tangled on my wrist, and Brickle pulled me down a hill chasing a bird. Yeah. Pretty normal.

But then, life has a way of throwing situations your way that you never imagined dealing with. Sure, I knew my boys would get older and have some aches and pains. But I never anticipated the emergencies, the close calls and the general feeling of helplessness to stop time.

I also never anticipated needing my “people” as much as I do. The ones that make up the ever increasing dog parent community.

When Digby and Brickle each had their own issues lately, everyone rallied around us with suggestions and love. We were so touched. This wasn’t the first time however that we have seen the love shown. Many times, we see the struggles that you have when it comes to the proper diet or exercise. Sometimes we just need to hear we aren’t the only craziest dog person around. Even if we are!

Just recently, when the veterinarian told us we could not take Digby to dog parks, we asked for your opinions on how you give your dogs off leash time. And many were frustrated like we were. We travel full time, and so we don’t have a yard. Others are in the same situation and it’s frustrating. Some have dogs that don’t do well in dog park environments. That’s when we heard of a company called Sniffspot. They describe their website and app as “an AirBnb for dogs”. I was a bit confused at first, wondering if this could indeed be an answer for many dog parents.

Let’s face it. We live in a busy world. We all have our own struggles and concerns. Helping others doesn’t come so easy when we have bills to pay and responsibilities of our own. But I have seen the community of dog parents giving of themselves. I have seen the concern and willingness to help. And I believe Sniffspot is founded on this premise. People can get their dogs the exercise they need in private environments, they can help other dog parents out by providing their yards to do so, and they can earn money by their kindness! Dog parents need this kind of community.

I see the value in this new alternative to dog parks. But more “sniffspots” are needed to make this work for the betterment of the dog parent community. And so we made it a plan to spread the word. Sniffspot needs more hosts.

We feel this is a great way that the dog parent community can help dogs get off leash time by signing up to be hosts. And at the same time, you earn income!

How does hosting work? Sniffspot explains!

“Have fun with dogs: hosting a sniff spot is a great way to make dogs happy. You are not required to be home or meet dogs coming to your sniff spot, but you can!

Earn passive income: Sniffspot is one of the only ways you can make money with no incremental work. Just let people use your yard or land and collect income. Some hosts are earning more than $1000 per month.

Expand or start a pet business:hosting a sniff spot is a great way to for dog walkers or dog sitters to grow their revenue per customer and get more customer leads.

Dog parks aren’t for everyone. But all dogs need off leash time and exercise in a way they are comfortable with.

When we visited a Sniffspot here in Jacksonville, Florida, we were so impressed. From the welcome sign showing we reached the right place, to the little touches like toys and beds. There were even chairs for us to sit and relax and cold water for the boys! I felt so relaxed that they could unwind in a safe environment.

When we travel in our RV, we get a little stir crazy. And we can’t wait to get back on the road and visit more spots. We hope that if you have a yard or area that can be used as a Sniffspot, you consider becoming a host! You never know…maybe Brickle and Digby will see you soon!

When you sign up to be a host, make sure you use code 2TD and you will receive an extra $15 after your first review!

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