Finding The Key

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some days, the get up and go must have got up and went.  Some days, the thrill of life is nowhere to be found.

Some days, you wake up and you wonder.  What if we just went?  What if we just got in the car and forgot all about that stuff we gotta do and we went somewhere?  What if we get that key?  What if we tried to turn it?

Persons always have so much to do.  Then they do all that stuff and find more to do. Then after they do that, they do more.  And if they want to make an excuse not to have some time off, or to have an adventure for even just one day, they will say that they have to do that thing they forgot to do, that they need to do, or want to do.  Problem is, the day that they are finding all of this stuff to do will pass by and the stuff will be there the next day. There will never be another today if you want to find that key.

So yesterday, I decided that the persons would find that key.  I had heard them talk about a place a few hours away called Cedar Key, Florida.  Key…Cedar Key. Yes, this fit the bill for a good drive and small adventure for the day.

I knew that they had work to do, errands to run, things to type away at while sighing.  But this was important.  I knew that the key to this good day was actually going for a drive.  The key to today’s happiness was forgetting it all and letting it be there tomorrow.  We were headed to Cedar Key.  And when they turned the key in the car? It actually started the car.  Which doesn’t even happen all the time.  So yeah.  This was going to be fun.

The persons were a little concerned that me and Deputy Digby were not up for a two hour drive each way.  You see, our bones have been a little creeky lately.  The persons also were concerned that we might be too tired from our slumber pawty over the weekend with our friend Jake.


But we knew that we wanted to go.  The sunshiney was out, the day was ahead of us, and we wanted to go somewhere new.  We wanted to go to that Cedar Key, Florida place.

 The truth is, you never know that the next day will bring.  We could be more creeky or the day could have less sunshiney tomorrow.  Sometimes, you might be living a day that is as good as it’s going to get.  And you can’t let it go.  You have to find that key to wherever or whatever it is you want to do.  You may not be able to find it tomorrow.

So we went to the little place called Cedar Key.


There aren’t many people that live there.  And there might not be a lot to do.  But for us, that was perfect.


Why do persons have to have so much to do to be happy? Why can’t you just walk, look and listen?  Why can’t you just smell, taste and take the world in?


Enjoyment doesn’t have to take work or planning. The best enjoyments come from just being.  Just knowing that you used your key to take care of your senses for once.


Your senses were put there to enjoy.  Your senses were not put there to shuffle papers around or type things while sighing.  Places like Cedar Key that are simple and slow remind us that we can slow down if we want to.

If you believe you are too important to slow down, or what you have to do is more important than the simple things, well, you are wrong.

So if you have been looking for your key to happiness, you might have to put everything down to find it. And if it works when you find it and turn it, consider that your go ahead! Tomorrow will have its own anxieties.  Put away today’s problems and go.  Where is your key?

Look for our video on Cedar Key at 5 pm ET, Tuesday on our Facebook page! 

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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