This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Seems as though, all of my life, persons have been trying to contain my pancakeness.  With leashes, with harnesses, with fences.

And yet, I have always wondered.  Are persons trying to keep me in, or keep me out?  Are persons trying to keep me safe, or make me crazy?  Do persons really understand all that a fence is for?  And if so, why do so many choose to sit on it?


There are fences at the dog park, fences at the campground, fences in the woods, fences by the river.


And let me just say this.  You may not think that I think a lot.  But stating the obvious doesn’t take much thinking.  Why are there so many fences? What side are you supposed to be on?  And who tells you what side is the right one?


Why do decisions seem to be either the right one or the wrong one?  Maybe a decision is just that.  A decision.  No right one.  No wrong one.  Just different.  Different for different people.  So if you feel like a fence is trying to keep you in, go out.  See what the other side is like.  Try it.  You see, not many decisions in life are permanent.  Many times, we can always choose to go back.  But if you sit on that fence, you definitely aren’t going anywhere.  Unless that’s where you truly want to be. Sometimes, you may get to that fence…like our persons are at now, and you think.  And you wonder.  Should I go through?  It’s ok to have patience with yourself and think things through.

But don’t confuse patience with doing nothing.  Do something.  Go ahead.  Take that fence and see that it is there for a reason. To make you decide where to go.  It’s truly up to you.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “Fences

  1. barbara Sevrens

    Fences are for your safety. Don’t go through the fence and risk your safety. Sitting on the fence is doing nothing at the time you don’t want to do anything. Just be safe. Have a great day Xxxooo

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