2 Traveling Without Dogs-Fixes, Day Three

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  You need to know that Digby and I are very busy over here at Aunt Veronica’s house waiting on the persons to get back from their trip. We have big things going on over here.  I am following Aunt Veronica’s mom person around begging for crackers.  Digby has been begging for anything he can beg for. 


Girl Person gave strict instructions to give us whatever we wanted.  So far, so good.  I have a yard with dirt holes and sunshiney.  And that is living.


The persons told us about their day yesterday in that Italy place.  I can’t believe how far they walked and the things that they saw. 


Girl Person said the common word of the day was “wow”.  Wow.  Wow.  She said that around every corner was something even more beautiful, more surprising and more amazing. 


I usually hear the word “wow”a lot. And usually, it is about me. But I can see why it would be used in this instance as well.

The persons walked about ten miles yesterday, Girl Person said.


They walked from where they are staying in Corniglia to a village called Vernazza.

Then, they walked to Monterroso Al Mare and got the train back to Corniglia, but then had to walk back to their room…way….up…the hill.  Good thing though that they walked that far..because they had a lot of calories to burn off.  Girl Person says that when you are in Italy, or anywhere you love, the food is part of the trip.  Maybe it’s the main part of the trip if you are Girl Person and Boy Person.

They were determined to enjoy it all.  Girl Person had to get her fixes.

And it wasn’t just about food. No…she needed the dogs.  Dogs.  Any dogs.  All dogs.



Even cats.  Bring on the cats.  She needed some fur in her day.  She was having withdraws.  So she set out on a quest not only to experience the beauty of the Cinque Terre, but to find any fur bearing dog or cat she could pet.  Stalk.  She was feeling a bit lonely for me and Digby.

Oh, she found them! It was like a dream come true.

She even found cats that are taken care of by many people who give them little houses.

They even ask you to cuddle the cats.  Girl Person said she was only being polite.

She then set out to find more dogs.  More cats.  Oh, they kept appearing.  Maybe because she was following them.  But when you have to have a fix, you do whatever it takes.  And the persons…they had one of the best days ever.

Good food, the sea, people living simple yet happily and paths to walk for that seemed to stretch as far as the sea views.  And this was one place that was better than the dream of it.  It was better in person.

For Girl Person, not only is walking life to her, but animals are life, food is life…LIVING is life.

Some persons may say that travel is a way to escape or checkout.  But we think that travel is not checking out.  It is checking in.  It is realizing that life is more than work and deadlines and expectations we put on ourselves.  It is realizing that sometimes, we all get to a point when how we are living is just not working.  And sometimes, we have to  to find out who we are again.  Have you ever felt that way?  What can unlock the person you used to be?

So how can you get your fix? What is it that you enjoy about life? And if you have forgotten what it is like to be happy or to feel alive, what can give you that fix? You know what makes you happy.  You know where you want to go, what you enjoy.

Don’t push it aside, but push everything else aside and run to it.  Or walk.  Just.  Go.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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