2 Traveling Without Dogs-Florida To England, Day One

Since 2011, we have brought to you a dog blog with new posts from rescue dogs Brickle and Digby EVERY weekday! This blog is the first in our series of “2 Traveling Without Dogs”. To see why we decided to visit England and Italy without the dogs this time, catch up now starting here! Brickle and Digby may be on their own vacation, but they decided that since we are giving them updates every day on our trip, they wanted to catch you up themselves. So sit back, relax, and travel with us on the first leg of our journey from Tampa, Florida to London, England. And see what Brickle and Digby think about all this.


This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yes, it was intentional that I am not using my official title of Sheriff this week.  I am on vacation. Digby is also on vacation.  And the persons? They really left.  They really did.


It’s been three days so far apart.  And three days of unlimited sunshiney, being handfed scrambled eggs from our aunt Veronica, and extra naps.


Yes, we miss the persons. But so far, it is not as bad as we thought…being apart.  Because I kind of feel like I am on the trip with them, except I am not in London.  I am not freezing by corndog tail off. Girl Person thought it would make it easier on all of us that Digby and I still write the blogs.  Because, well, I want to.  We tell stories better.  And since I am on vacation, I have a little extra time on my paws.  Did I mention getting a raise in peanut butter cookies for this?

One of the things that I heard Girl Person overthinking about before she left was flying. Would I do it? Ugh. No.  And definitely not an eight hour ride in some big bird or whatever.  Most. Definitely. Not. But to hear Girl Person relate her fear of flying?  Well, it makes me not to ever want to be a bird.  Not a mockingbird.  Not a gooney bird.  And definitely not a Big Bird.

You see, Girl Person may have been brave to hike the Grand Canyon with Digby and I, but when it comes to flying in that big airplane bird?  She. Hates. It.  And when she told me about all the turbulence and squeezing Boy Person’s hand so hard that she cut him? Well, I only assumed she should ordered that wine sooner.  Except she didn’t.  Because she had gotten food poisoning the day before.  Oh, Girl Person.  When will you come up with a way to fly the RV over there?  That’s the only way that I am ever going to fly.  Which is never.


But after three tomato juices, two orange juices, one ginger ale and two waters, Girl Person told me that she started to feel a little better.  But when she realized that Snoopy was one of the movies playing on TV in the seat, she felt even more better.  All is well that ends well, they say.  But when they finally got to that London, England place, they had to go thru all kinds of “queues”, Girl Person said.  Obviously, Digby is the English Foxhound in the family, so he knew that a queue was a line.  And when it comes to waiting?  Oh, I am not good at that.

But Girl Person said they had no choice. They had to go through people checking papers and pictures and asking questions of why they wanted to come to that England place.


And hours later, when they could, they took a walk that Girl Person said Digby and I would have loved.  She said they rented a room in a family’s house about a ten minute walk from the airport.  And Boy Person? He was tasked with carrying their luggage all those ten minutes which turned into triple that when they got lost, they had to ask a bishon frise for directions, and then? They finally got there.

She said that after dropping off their bags, they had to walk back the airport and they waiting in more queues to get on the train.


But Girl Person got to get her favorite food!  Chips.  She couldn’t stop talking about it, Digby got mad about it, and well, I am just going to leave it at that.


Girl Person said when they finally got to the city, they took another walk to where the Queen lives.  Digby says he knows her, but I have yet to believe him.  The Queen does not eat pancakes.  No.  She eats scones.  Nice try, Digby.

The persons thought though that they would walk about the big palace place.


I have to wonder, how many Big Blue Treat Wagons would fit in there?


The Biltmore wouldn’t let us park in there. And neither will the Queen.  So yeah, I knew right then and there that Digby and I were on a spawcation for a reason.  This was business the persons needed to take care of.  And so, we went back to our sunshiney.

Girl Person told me all about the pubs there, the hustle and the bustle and how it was really, well, kind of hard for them.  You see, we have had quite a different life the past few years traveling and camping.  We have had peace and quiet.  No crowds.  No queues except for at the gas station..or behind Digby at dinner time, and this was a lot of action for our persons to take in.  So they slipped into a museum, and decided to get a spot of tea, look at some paintings and rest.  And they rested a long time there.  I enjoyed seeing the paintings Girl Person showed me over the phone. For a minute.  I was waiting on Aunt Veronica to bring me my matzo.


Just one of the great things about travel is that not only do you get to see other places, but you get to see people there who LOVE it.  And this is an easy place to love.  But the persons? They were tired, they had another train ride back to their room, and another walk.  They took a hot shower, went to bed with dreams in their head of today…because today is the day that they take another flight to Italy!  They will be flying from London to Milan, getting a car and then what?  OH, what we have been talking about for over a year.  The dream of living in Italy?  Will they know in their hearts if the Cinque Terre is for us?  ONLY and DOUBLE ONLY if they think that me and Digby will like it.  I can’t wait to talk to her again tonight.  After another nap.  After some more eggies, and after Digby gets off the phone with the Queen.  Not.

We are going to have many special videos coming up soon including the person’s day in London!  Stay tuned for dates and times.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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