The Space

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  What a difference a few hours makes. Yesterday morning, we are getting rained on by the leftovers of a very bad storm.  Then, by the end of the day, the sun had decided to peek out, and so did colder weather and wind.


Actually, the day kind of reminded me of my moods.  I can be hot and cold..that’s no secret.  Quite unlike the moods of my brother Deputy Digby Pancake who has a few moods. Happy, more happy, happier and plain happy.


Digby doesn’t seem to be phased by changes like the weather yesterday.  So why is it so hard for me?  I wonder.  Because I do that.  Changes lately have become a little more routine, if that makes sense.  I know that when we are in a place, we won’t be staying too long.  But when we are there, I make it my own.  I don’t think about leaving it, really…until we leave.  Like yesterday at camp.


You see, this week was a little crazier than usual because of our reservations being canceled at the Rose Cottage, the hurricane, and finding it difficult to get a place to stay in the whole state of North Carolina.  So our plans became secondary to just finding a place to hunker down.  And that was ok, because we found a great spot.  Problem is, yesterday, it was time to leave that space.  In the rain.  And I liked that space.  A lot.  I didn’t want to leave it.  I felt like it was my space.

And as we pulled out of my space I wondered.  Would we ever find another space?  Who would come into this space after us? Would they appreciate it?  Would the space miss us?


And then, I got to thinking about all of the spaces we had left behind on all our journeys like this one.

I got to thinking about our first space when we had a yellow house.  I got to thinking about the little trailer on the water after that.  And my mind went a little melancholy about all of these spaces.  I have left a lot of spaces.

At first, in my thoughts, I felt sad.  Sad that I wouldn’t see most of these spaces again.  I wondered how the campsite was near Capitol Reef, Utah.


I wondered how the campsite was near Glacier National Park in Montana.


I wondered how my favorite campsite of all in the Great Basin National Park was.


Was the same butterfly still there?  Did the persons who were there after us hang their towels by the creek?  Did they look up at the stars and appreciate them?  And I thought about that space.  And all the spaces.  And all of a sudden, I knew the answer.  Those spaces were no more mine than the moon.

You see, I might miss those spaces.  I might wonder about those spaces.  But those spaces were not built for me.  They were not there because of me.  They were there because of everyone, and anyone who might appreciate them. And that is what is important.  I can’t say that the next family at the campsite we left yesterday didn’t love it as much. Because we all love differently, and all appreciate differently. All of the spaces on the earth get that.  They change and adapt to whoever is there.  Their beauty changes with each set of eyes that see them.  With each set of ears that hear the birds chirping or the creek.  It is when we start to think that we own that space, and can do anything to that space, that there is a problem.  We don’t have that right.  We have the obligation to take care of it.  Even if we leave it one day.


In actuality, the truth of the matter is that we all are in one space…the earth.  And as we pulled out of our campsite yesterday and headed for another, I knew that I was going to get attached to this place too.  Oh, it was a good one.  And everything? Well, it had all seemed to work out for the absolute best.


Just like the colder air moved in, so did another space in my heart.  And as we park here for a little while, we hope you will stay with us as we get back on track with leaf watching, waterfalls, a cat museum, and other adventures!  Until we leave this space, I will love it. And when we leave?  I’ll leave it for the next ones to love.  It will be their space then.  For a little while.


Is there a space that you miss and wonder about?  Go there in your heart today and remember the good things..and thank the persons who came there after you for loving it too.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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7 thoughts on “The Space

  1. Theresa Bates

    If there’s one good thing about that storm it’s that it had the decency to move away quickly rather than linger and dump many feet of rain in one place. So glad you all are safe. On to the next space. Ducky and Fred are looking forward to the cat museum!

  2. Jacqueline

    Oh, Sheriff, there’s something in my eyes. Beautiful blog, absolutely TRUTH!!! Thank you, Dear Family, I’m so glad you’re safe and are happy where you are!! Have a beautiful weekend, love you all to the Moon and back!!! (P.S. Good tunes, too!!! ) xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Sally

    So great to read! We are newly retired…purchasing our first RV this week…we e waited a lifetime to find new spaces that we love and to take our pups with us!
    So I am inspired. …and ready! Thank you for all you do! I will also try again tonite to purchase a t shirt! Brrrrrr. It’s cold here in Missouri. With lots of rain!!
    Love to you..❤️

  4. Barbara Sevrens

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Every place our feet leave is an important part of our journey. I love reading about the places you’ve been that in will never visit. Take care of your family xxxooo. Have a blessed weekend💖🎃👏😛

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