Where Are The Pickles?

This is Sheriff Brickle.  You may find this shocking. But some persons cannot say my name.  I’ve been called Brittle.  I have been called Peanut Butter.  I have been called…Pickle.  Peanut. Butter. Pickle.

Now.  I am not naive to the culinary world.  I know that some persons prefer chunky peanut butter.  I know that some persons prefer smooth peanut butter.  Obviously, that is me.


And some persons may even like pickles.  Sour pickles. Dill pickles.  So when we went to the town of Dillsboro, North Carolina yesterday, I expected to find some dill pickles.  After all, it was called Dillsboro.

img_1631We drove around the town, and I was shocked.  I saw no pickle restaurants.  I saw no pickle stores. I saw no pickle places.  Whatsoever.  And it make me wonder.  What is in a name?

img_1641And when I get to thinking, I think too much.  And I called to mind a song that Boy Person sings to me constantly.

I thought…for the sake of Dillsboro, North Carolina, should I change my name to Peanut Butter Pickle for just this one day?  Just this one day so that its name is meaningful?  Just this one day so that it lives up to expectations for tourists coming there so that they are not disappointed?  Girl Person said that the name of the town was after the man who started it.  Well, his name was Dill too and well…he should have thought of what his town could be.  The pickle capital of the world.  And he missed out.  And now, I have to fix it.

So, yesterday, you could have called me Peanut Butter Pickle.  But you did not know this. And today, it is not acceptable.  Dillsboro?  Let this be a lesson that the name we make for ourselves is important.

Girl Person says that I am a sweet pickle to her.  And that Digby is a bread and butter pickle.  And she loves pickles.


I know that I was only pretending to be a pickle yesterday. But life is sometimes like that too. Some days, we may not feel our best.  And it is easy to take it out on others who have no idea what is wrong.  It is even easier to take out our mood on strangers.  But you know, if we have to pretend to be in a good mood, or be a pickle, maybe it will help us to actually get to that place.  If you want to be a pickle.

Dillsboro, North Carolina may be known for its stop on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.

But for me, I will always think of dill pickles and the opportunity lost, and the one day when I embraced my inner pickle.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle (NOT PICKLE)

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