Let Me Show You A Few Things

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  You know…it’s not often that I get invited to anything.  I mean, where would someone send an invitation to?  I don’t even know where we are half the time or all of the time in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. 


Plus, when you get invited to something, that means you have to RSVPee and I am not sure where I can buy a stamp for that kind of mail.

So when we were invited to go to a big, big, big, big, house today, Girl Person asked me and Sheriff Brickle if we would like to go.  My first question was of course if this place had big, big, big, big pancakes. And my second question was if I had to dress up for this occasion.  I am not a tie kind of man, or a pants kind of man.  So this was a very important part of the invite.  

Girl Person explained that although I did not have to wear pants, I did have to prepare for our visit.  She said that this was a house that a lot of people go to and enjoy.  She said it was probably the biggest house we would ever see.  And she said that if I RSVPeed on anything that we probably would not get another invitation.  To anywhere.  Ever.

Well, I thought about it yesterday and I decided if I didn’t have to put on pants, it would give me more time to get ready.  I talked to Sheriff Brickle about it.  And he said that if we were on our best behavior today, that maybe, just maybe, they would let us park the Big Blue Treat Wagon in there.  And that would solve a lot of problems! We wouldn’t have to look for a house anymore.  We wouldn’t have to worry if we would keep traveling.  You see, we could park it in there, have the biggest pancakes in the biggest house ever, and when we wanted to go somewhere else, we could pull right out of there and then come back.  So Sheriff Brickle and I decided.  We would do this.  We would show the Biltmore what we were all about.  And so we started practicing our best behavior.  We started practicing our tricks that we know like sit.  And sit there.  And sit over there.  And Brickle knows how to lift his paw precisely two inches off the ground.  I realized that we were pretty talented and that the Biltmore today will be impressed and that our practicing is going to pay off.

Girl Person said that although the Biltmore was going to be pretty today, and that we should be pretty thrilled we were invited to go there, dogs could not go inside.  Well, exactly.  If you let us park this RV in there, problem solved for everyone.  I am going to give it my best shot. With no pants.

I know we have traveled to a lot of places.  But every place teaches me something different.  Just like there are occasions to wear pants, there are occasions to focus instead on what is in your pockets in those pants you are wearing.

No, you don’t have to have as much money as the persons who built the Biltmore.  But you can still fill your pockets and jingle what you have, and share it with others. The Biltmore decided to share it with me and Brickle by being dog friendly.  And we think that is a pretty pawsome thing to do.  But my guess is that Biltmore is not ready for me to show them a few things.  They have never had a Digby Pancake visit.  Or a Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  This. Is. Going. To. Be. Fun!  Even better without pants.  But don’t do that.

img_0334Even though I am excited about going, and the Biltmore may be a beautiful house, our RV is pretty beautiful too.  They say a house is not a home without a dog.  Well, Biltmore?  How about two?  And one RV?  It’s not that big…

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Don’t miss our day at the Biltmore!  Check our Facebook page today to see if two dogs without pants can get a pass to park the RV in there.  And then, RSVPee to our blog tomorrow!  Don’t miss it!


2 thoughts on “Let Me Show You A Few Things

  1. Karen Hampton

    Oh!! How LUCKY you all are!! I’ve been there ….once..years ago…how magnificent!! I was a teenager & was VERY impressed….I wanted a house like that..or like some of the ones by my Michigan place, built by the guys that started car & motor companies….then, I thought…nope, I don’t want to have to clean those hundreds of ROOMS….and the LAWNS & the beautiful gardens….in my 16 yr old brain, I didn’t think about hiring people to do all that!! How many people have jobs because people like us enjoy seeing such lovely places. Oh, and boys, my house….not big, but when we bought our little comfortable HOME, (size doesn’t matter, truly) we found out the man who owned it before was living now in a Very.Big. House…..WITH.WINDOW .BARS!!! Apparently, he thought he was a DOG & did NOT WEAR PANTS….Outdoors!! He.Was.Arrested…..Enjoy your beautiful sights & surroundings!! 💗🍷🍷😘🐕🐶🚌🌄

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