Dirty Dirt Dirt Dirt

This is Deputy Dirty Digby Pancake.  Yes, I have earned another name this past week.  Bet you didn’t know that a little dirt or a lot of dirt could make a name stick to you like mud.

I always hear the persons talking about dirt and cleaning up dirt and living in dirt and carrying around dirt.  I hear them talk about taking baths and giving us baths and washing dirt out of clothes. I could go on and on.

So I figured that I would help them out a little bit and add to the dirt.


I don’t think that persons truly appreciate dirt like I do.  I am not one to learn stuff if I don’t have to, but I heard someone say one time that there are more organisms, whatever that is, in one tablespoon of dirt than there are people on the earth.  Yeah.  Imagine how many organisms are on me. It is mind boggling and apparently I am even more special than I thought.

Aren’t there so many thing in our world, that make up our world that we don’t see?  When Girl Person was looking for fairy stones last week in that Virginia place, she knew why Brickle and I always have our noses to the ground.

Girl Person realized how much we were seeing that she was missing. There is so much under our paws and our feet that are worth looking at too. Don’t forget to remember to look down the next time you take a walk. Remember this world makes your walks possible. And gives you so much to walk on.  In our busy lives, we all need reminders.

Some may call me Dirty Digby.  But I call myself a legend.  I am able to take all of this dirt in the world from our hikes and the trails and wear it with pride.  I don’t know who can wear it better…do you?

So the next time that you wonder why there is so much dirt in your house, or in your car, just remember…it can’t possibly be dirtier than me.  Just like you probably cant live without me, you can’t live without dirt either.  Don’t even try.

Stick with us like mud this week as we try to explore more of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Unfortunately, there is hurricane knocking at our door.  I’ll make sure to tell her to wipe her feet.

-Deputy Dirty Digby Pancake

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One thought on “Dirty Dirt Dirt Dirt

  1. Elaine Jorgensen

    Back in the early 1900s, my Mother and her siblings would eat a pinch of dirt each day they walked to school. Said it was good for them. Good times, Elaine

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