The Dirt. We’ve Got It.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Dirt. You can spill it. You can lay in it. You can try to dig out of it. You can try to get it off stuff. You can roll around in it. And all of the dirt that you need for all of that is here. Right here.

It’s right here in our campground. It’s right here in our campsite.

It’s right here in our pants. I don’t wear pants, but there is so much dirt that I look like I do.

Now, I know Camping is supposed to be camping. That’s what we are told. But when you have to park your house in a dirt hole and then you try to stay relatively out of it, it is impossible.

So me and Fruitycake decided that we would embrace it. We would lay in the dirt. Eat the dirt. Appreciate the dirt. And it’s all ours for another week. Another week of filthy fun for everyone.

If there is something that drives Girl Person crazy besides the lack of French fry buffets, it’s dirt and keeping the dirt out of the RV.

At this point in the Camping game, dirt is something we try to avoid. But you can’t always avoid dirt…can you? Sometimes you have to wonder if you can make peace with it and wear the dirt pants.

Because life is simply not a bed of roses or a bed of Peanut Butter every day. Some days you just have to laugh about it with a mouth full of dirt.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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