The Lesson Of The Perfect Little Mushroom

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I know, I know.  You see the word perfect and you absolutely know who is going to be writing the blog today.  You are welcome.  But this blog is more about me today.  It is about a perfect little mushroom that we found in the woods.  And we thought you should know about it.

You see, life is made up of more than big things like oceans and mountains and streams, the sun and the sky.  Oh, those things are wonderful. And we are seeing so many of them along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  But what are we missing?


There are little things, little perfect things, right under your feet. And we found such a perfect little thing a couple of days ago.  Girl Person has been gazing at all the beautiful mushrooms in all of their wonderful colors. 

But in all of her days, she told me that she had not ever seen such a beautiful, little, perfect mushroom. And in fact, she had time to say this.  But she didn’t have time to take its picture.  She had work to do.  We were in a hurry, and she said that she would take its picture the next day.  And you know, I guess there are some things like a fine wine that stay around for awhile.  But some things are so perfect that they are only here for a little while.  And well, you guessed it.  We don’t have a picture of the perfect little mushroom in its glory.  Because when we went back the next day, it was wilted.  It was a different color. And it had changed. We were dreaming to think it would stay the same.

Sure, it was still a beautiful mushroom, as you can see. But it had not waited for us to take its picture. Time went on.  And I suppose it was a long time for a mushroom.


It was strange to me with all of the dramatic mushrooms that we saw on our walks, that this mushroom would have seemed so perfect.


But you see, perfection doesn’t have to be complicated.  Perfection doesn’t have to be overwhelming, or big, or expansive.  But it is up to us to recognize the little perfect things that surround us every day that make the big, beautiful things so beautiful. Open your heart to the little things.

Imagine the mountains without trees or without leaves on those trees.  Imagine there were no blades of grass on those mountains or little ants under the blades of grass.


So take the time to say thank you to the perfect little things like the mushroom.  I know you have work to do, dinner to cook, people to call.  But one way or another, find a way to look at the mushroom.

Because even perfect things fade like the mushroom. And if you don’t take that moment, that exact moment to see it, it will be gone.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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