2 Traveling Without Dogs In Italy-The Little Things Make Big Things That Help You Remember The Little Things Again

This is Digby Pancake.  If days could be counted down like a stack of pancakes, everyone would have a pancake clock.  And if everyone had a pancake clock, no one could actually count down the time or the days because the clock would never last.  So it’s a good thing that I know that the persons will be picking us up on Friday!  I can’t wait.  I can’t wait.  I can’t wait.  But actually I can, because our Aunt Veronica is making us breakfast and lunch and giving us naps and massages and sunshiney and new friends to play with.


I am going to miss Jake.


The persons start their trek back to the Florida place today.  It is going to take them a few days though.  Today, they have to drive three hours from the Cinque Terre to Milan, Italy to ride the big bird plane back to London, England.  I suppose that they are going to eat more chips and more scones.  And maybe they are going to have fun doing that in the cold rain.  Seems like I hear it rains a lot in that London place.  I will just wait here for the gifts that they are going to bring us.  Girl Person said that they had a really good time in that Italy place. She said the only thing that would have made it better is if me and Brickle could have been with them.  She said this would probably be the last trip they ever take without us because they missed us too bad.  I guess they didn’t have that pancake clock to know that the time flew by for me and Brickle. Because the pawty never ended over here.


When Girl Person told us about their last day in that Italy place, she seemed really happy,  but really sad at the same time.  She told us that she didn’t expect to like so many things about a place, but that it wasn’t about the big things like the houses, or finding the houses, or not finding the houses.


She said it wasn’t about the meals or the long hikes or the beautiful drives.

She said what will alway stay in her heart is the little things.  That one perfect orange.


That one perfect cup of espresso.


That one perfect moment…over and over again. When the heart actually feels something.  When the trials of life and problems melt into the sea.

When decisions and money and schedules and plans don’t matter.  Because living in that one moment enjoying something little means something big.  That you are actually more than a wife.  A husband.  A daughter.  A son.  A mother.  A father.  A worker.  You are you.  And everything arounds you reminds you that you matter.  Guess what?  Dogs know this already about you.  You are our world.  Why can’t you see the little things in your world?


Girl Person said that you don’t have to go to a place like Italy to remember your worth.  She said the little things around you at any time (even without a pancake clock) and the little things around you any place remind you that they are there for you to enjoy.  Because you matter.  But when life gets you down, as it often does because of pressures and schedules and money and houses and where to live, you have to remember the big picture.


Have you ever smelled something that made you remember someone you miss?  Maybe you see a tree that reminds you of times past.  Maybe it’s that moment when you stop and look up at the sky that you wonder what else you have missed lately.


But it is those little things that help you remember the big things in your life that made you feel good.


Shouldn’t life be like that every day?  Shouldn’t we take a moment to appreciate what life is truly all about?  Don’t wait.  One day you will have to say goodbye.

The persons will be taking many lessons back with them from Italy.  First, that they need to learn better Italian.

They also will remember, as they make some decisions, that sometimes, persons try to make things too complicated.  The answers are already there.  They are in the little things.  The little things that make the big things that help you remember the little things again.

-Digby Pancake

We will be telling more stories, posting more videos and pictures of Italy over the next few weeks!  But until then, fly over with us to London again.  We start our countdown to seeing our boys on Friday!

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