Bee Yourself

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  There is a time for panicking.  Like when you run out of peanut butter.  There is a time for being still.  Like when you are told to sit for a peanut butter cookie. And there is a time to just remove yourself from the situation. I wish Girl Person would have remembered that.

Some things happen that we can’t even anticipate.  Like when I get up every morning and I am better looking than the day before.  I could never anticipate that.


But when you leave one campground in Virginia and head to another one, drive for over four hours, and find out that you have a few hitchhikers who rode with you the whole way and are very mad about it…well, that is one of those things you can’t predict.  Nor would you want to.

You see, as we pulled into our campsite, it became apparent when Girl Person was helping Boy Person back up that we had a problem.  A real big problem.  And after driving for so long and holding our breath around every curve of the Blue Ridge Parkway, we were tired.

And this wasn’t what we wanted to deal with.  But again, in life, things happen that happen. And you can’t do anything about it except find a solution.  Yet, the solution sometimes isn’t quick. Because you can’t figure out what to do.

We had some hitchers in our traveling RV.

Now.  First of all, many people thought that the hitchhikers were bees.  And in fact, I find that many people think every bug that bites them is a bee.  But let me tell you this.  There is always going to be something that bites you, wherever you are. It could be a bug or a person. Yep. I said that. Mosquitos bit us in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Flies bit us near Richmond, Virginia. Poison ivy bit Girl Person’s butt and legs and arms. And did I mention all the gnats? So it isn’t always a bee that is biting you.  Bees don’t even want to bite you…unlike me.  Did you know that?  Bees die when they sting.  They are just trying to be bees and make their honey.

Have you ever taken the time to really learn about the bee?

We tend to dismiss things that are small, don’t we?  We tend to try to lump many things together, we dismiss their individuality.  We call a wasp a bee.  We call a bee a wasp.  When in fact, they are not the same.


It’s like saying a dog is the same as a cat because we are animals.

Life is busy and hectic and not many people take the time to learn who they live with…even like the wasp.

You see, everything has a place in the world and contributes to the earth making our food and the air that we breathe.  Girl Person was not happy to get bit by the yellow jacket.  In fact, she was very unhappy.


But to just say that we needed to kill them all to get the problem over with faster did not make sense. So we used cinnamon oil and are still trying to locate the nest.

It is a fight between getting bit and trying to come up with a solution, and the persons realize that not all would go to that trouble. But the yellow jacket is just trying to protect its home as we are trying to protect ours.  Just like the bee is trying to protect its home and its honey. Just like everything, every living thing here on earth, big or small is trying to do.  And if you think, just because you are bigger than they are that you are more important, well, let me tell you this.  You may be able to hurt more things and dismiss more things, but without them, you would not be here at all.


In a world where people and animals are all lumped together, bee yourself.

If you want to show care and concern for others, do that.  Don’t worry about what someone else thinks.  Don’t worry that you look soft like Digby Pancake’s stomach.


Sometimes, it is harder to do the right thing.  But living in harmony is more enjoyable than hate, than swatting, is it not?  Everything has beauty, even if it has to admired from afar like the yellow jacket.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Stay tuned this week as we drive more of the Blue Ridge Parkway!  Check our Facebook page for updates and real time videos and pictures!

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2 thoughts on “Bee Yourself

  1. Theresa Bates

    Did you find their home? Inside/behind the wheel or the wheel well? It would have to have been somewhere secure where they could have stayed with the nest while the RV was in motion. I hope you can encourage them to find a better place to build their condo. Your neighborhood really shouldn’t seem all that friendly to them. I have made it a lifelong quest to avoid being stung by wasps and bees. Today I “pass another zero” on my birthday; the last time I was stung, it was by a red wasp when I was 9. 61 years ago.

  2. Deb Dean

    A brown paper bag, shaped like a nest, will deter them from returning. Sounds hoaky, if that’s a word, but it works. Tie it near where you think the nest is and they’ll be gone in 24 hours. They will think a larger colony is nearby and will leave rather than fight for territory. I am highly allergic and have used this for the past five years rather than sprays 😟

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