If This It…Please Let Me Know.

This is Deputy Digby.  Today is the day that we are going to try and leave again for the open road.  This is it.  I think. But is it ever really the end? Of anything? Even when I finish one meal, I know that there will be another one eventually.  Even when a stack of pancakes disappears before my eyes and in my stomach, I think of the next ones. So I think that maybe the end just makes a new beginning, even if it isn’t the same. And we are ready.  But even new beginnings are a little hard to get used to.  Yes, even for me.

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Girl Person says that pulling out of the driveway here at Memaw Macaw’s house will be a little hard, so I am preparing myself.  We will be leaving our dirt holes and the gopher turtles.  We will be leaving the bottlebrush tree and the palm tree.  Of course we will be saying goodbye to Memaw Macaw, Lele and Tommy Cat for a little while too.  But we know that we will see them again.  Just in a different driveway and a different state.  The same goes for the orange grove where Girl Person used to live.

Eighth Generation In The Orange Grove

When we visit there again, we will be meeting new friends.  And that definitely doesn’t feel like the end to me.  So if this is it, and we are supposed to be sad, I am not feeling it.

I am only thinking about seeing the beach in Jacksonville, Florida again and sunshiney.


I am thinking about going to some new hiking places.  I am thinking about our road trip snacks again and the fear, but excitement, about what comes next after a month in Jacksonville.  But we have been here before.  And the end hasn’t come yet.  Instead of having endings, we have beginnings.  Every day.  And that is a pretty neat way to live. Even if you don’t know what is next.  Because really, no one knows what is next.  They just think that they do.


You may have noticed that we didn’t find a stick and bricks place to call home yet.  And we are thinking that maybe there is a reason, unlike raisins in cookies, because there is no reason for that.  So when you don’t know what path or adventure to choose, sometimes, you just let it choose you.  But you have to wait and see what you hear, what you feel, and that way, you know where to go.  Even if it isn’t what you planned, you may be in for quite a ride.

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We have the luxury of taking our house anywhere.  So today, we choose a place we really like, with the ocean and breeze and some of the nicest fans that we have met on this trip. And we will head back to our old campsite and sit for awhile.  For a month. It’s been tiring watching all of this packing and commotion.  It has been tiring watching the yard sale, chasing Tommy Cat and digging up cat poop.  So ocean? We are going to try and make it to you today.  The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV may have a few miles left on it.  Only it knows.


As we say farewell to the land that Boy Person and his brothers and sisters, Memaw Macaw, and her parents lived on for many years, we also say this is not it.  New families will come here.  New people will love this place too.  And sometimes, new love is like a shot of maple syrup.  It wakes you up, it makes you remember how good you can be.

If this is it, please let me know
If this ain’t love you’d better let me know
If this is it, I want to know
If this ain’t love baby, just say so

There is appreciation and excitement.  And so to cry when we say farewell would not do this land justice.  And as law enforcement, Sheriff Brickle and I are all about the justice.  So never think…this is it.  It is never “it”.  The new beginnings are right inside of us all.  Reflecting on what you have left behind is ok if you feel how it changed you and carry it with you to the next place.  So.  Here we go.  Wherever that may be.

Farewell, land.  Farewell, trees.  Farewell everyone, the animals, the people, the birds, the feelings.

See you soon…in my heart.

-Deputy Digby Pancake 


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5 thoughts on “If This It…Please Let Me Know.

  1. Deputy Digby, I needed you to remind me that it’s not the end but the beginning of something new. I thank you for that. You all enjoy the beach so much that I pray wherever you live, I hope it’s close to the beach. Have safe travels and a wonderful new begging. God Bless you all.💕💕

  2. Dawwww, boy. This IS it. Crying harder than is necessary over raisins in cookies. Whew. Thanks for that distraction. Love you all. Safe travels onto the next chapter. Xoxox ❤❤❤❤🐾🐾🐾🐾👣👣

  3. Cyndi

    You are right on Digby about raisins in cookies… there is no reason for that.  BAD for you and YUCK for me! 😀🐾❤

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