Full Of What?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I think that I have pretty much saw just about everything at this point in my seven plus years…eight in April.  I have been across the country more times than I have paws. I’ve met Bobs.  And Lucilles.  I’ve met Lauras and Rosies.  I’ve met Annes and Chucks.  I’ve met them all.  Randys and Mandys.

Morning, just another day
Happy people pass my way
Looking in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized
How happy you made me, oh Mandy 

Most of the persons I have met on my journeys and most specifically, my walks, have been pleasant.  Most admire my brindle beauty.  Often, I get a “what kind of dog is that?” or even a run from the law.  Because I am Sheriff, I expect that.  I welcome that.  I have to be feared to a point.  I walk on my terms.  I write the verses of my life, and exude what I wish. Take me or leave me.  But just don’t try to walk me, apparently,

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
I write the songs of love and special things
I write the songs that make the young girls cry
I write the songs, I write the songs

Yesterday, as Girl Person was walking Deputy Digby and I around the campground, she realized that she looked cuckoo.  She was trying to keep Digby from walking into cars.  She was trying to keep me from knocking kids off bicycles. Did I say that out loud? No, but I typed it out loud.  She was trying to pull old chicken wings and hamburger buns out of Digby’s mouth.  Then, when we got to the beach, she was pulling me away from jellyfish. I was only trying to save them from drowning.  She was trying to keep us from drinking salt water.  And all the while, she was trying to keep herself from drinking wine before she walked us every night.

She sits there so refined, and drinks herself half-blind
She lost her youth and she lost her Tony
Now she’s lost her mind

By the time we started making our way back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon, she was done. Done with our walk.

But we weren’t done with our walk.  I still had a little energy to chase some more kids and Deputy Digby was still hungry. He is always hungry.  But then, here came some more persons trying to get far away from our antics on the other side of the road.  At this point, Girl Person has just learned to not speak when she is tired for fear of being more cuckoo.  But the other person just said to her, “looks like you have your hands full”.  Oh.  We have never heard that before.  But seriously.  What is Girl Person’s hands full of?  I just. Don’t. Get. It.


As I said earlier, I have seen alot. Saw a lot.  Even met a few grammar police who are out there and who are policing this sentence because I seriously have no idea what is correct.  But what I have never seen or saw is what people see Girl Person carrying all the time when they are walking us.  What are her hands full of? For real.

If there is something that I cannot see, I implore you to tell me about it.  If it is cookies her hands are full of, that explains why she can’t keep control of Deputy Digby and I.  If it is pancakes she is carrying, that makes more sense because her hands would be sticky from the maple syrup which explains why she is always holding the leashes so tightly.

All I know is that she is always very tired from having her hands so full by the time she is done with our walk every night.  In my opinion, I seriously think that she needs to not carry all of whatever it is in her hands that are making them so full.  Perhaps she should kind of concentrate on walking us?  Seriously.


Girl Person says that sometimes, our walks make her long for a break. Oh, to some tropical island where she could relax.  But then she thinks. What in the world would she do with her hands?  What would happen if they weren’t so full?  Her life wouldn’t be so full.

And now you know I can’t smile without you
I can’t smile without you

Girl Person says we can make a choice.  We can choose to carry with us bad things, bad memories.  Or we can keep our hands full of thoughts that are happy and positive.  For her and her Depression Monster that tries to keep her hands full of self doubt and worry, she needs me and Deputy Digby to fill it with something else.  We try our best.  And if we have to work hard at keeping her hands full even more…we will do it.

Life is meant to be interesting.  To be lived.  Let’s do it and live it to the full!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle 

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2 thoughts on “Full Of What?

  1. Jacqueline

    Everytime I think I’ve seen the best, you blow me away. So meaningful, funny and Barry Manilow reminds me so much of my childhood. Beautiful, as always. And grammer-schrammer, put them in the slammer, Sheriff!!!! Pfffffttttt…….do they know who you are?? Well, you can school them!! You boys just do you, I’m sure The Persons would never have it any other way!!!! Love you all!!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

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