Life Before Dogs. Life After Dogs.

Admit it. You have thought about it. Maybe it is when you are walking your dog in the pouring rain. Or maybe it is when you try to sleep in on the weekend and your dog barks to go outside. What was my life before dogs?

Amelia Island 2TD

It happened to me last weekend. There I was, so tired from the week and honestly, I couldn’t even fathom the idea of getting out of my warm bed. But there he was. The love of my life patiently, yet not so much…staring at me to get up. No, he didn’t really have to go to the bathroom. He just wanted to be with me. Me. And at that exact moment I knew. Life before dogs was easier. Life before dogs was cheaper for sure. Life before dogs was way cleaner. But. Life before dogs pretty much was awlful.

And so…on our Facebook page, we asked you, our fans the same questions I had asked myself that morning. What was life before dogs and after dogs? Why did we ask you? Because sometimes, when life gets hard, it is easy to forgot one of the most amazing parts of our life, who makes it better, and it may be time for a reality check. What if they weren’t there tomorrow? So here are just of your answers to life before and after dogs!

“Empty before, in between, and after. There hasn’t been a lot of in between because it’s too weird not having a dog in my life.” Janice Everett Davis 


“No dog hair, no morning wake up kisses at 7 in the morning and I got to sleep in, I didn’t have to spend money to spoil a dog but Lord is he worth all these things and I don’t know what i would do without my boy Theo. He is my pride and joy and when he wakes me up in the morning I smile ear to ear cause he is like mommy it’s time to wake up and play” Brittany Jones 


“Before? More free. After? EXPENSIVE lol. But I love both of our pups.” Heather McCloud Beene


“I hope I never know.” Ron Loy 


“There has always been a dog in my world,
So I wouldn’t know about before or after….” Kevin Jasinski 


“All I did was relax alone on the couch. Now I relax with Daisy on the couch” Fern Stiffler 


And then, probably our most favorite picture, with no words from Ann Marie Grycza Muehlhauser


It may be easy when you dedicate yourself to animal rescue to only see the negative side of persons out there.  But we hope that you can see that there are truly ones who love their dogs!  Having dogs in our lives, and all pets comes with responsibilities, not unlike having children.  No one ever said that it would be easy to walk in the rain, make room in our budgets for food for our pets, or to keep our homes clean!  But probably, no one ever told us how having dogs in our lives can not only change it for the better, but in my case, they literally saved my life on more than one occasion.  Depression has been something I have battled my entire life.  Before dogs, I struggled every single day to get out of bed.  Not because it was warm, but because there was no one that really needed me to get up.  On the days I feel sorry for myself that I am too tired to take care of them, I remember how boring it would be without them.

Spring Break (2) 2TD

Do we deserve dogs?  Maybe not.  But they deserve for us to appreciate them, because They. Are. Amazing.

“Before dogs, I had money. After dogs, I have love. Easy choice.” Susan Graziosi 

“There’s never been a before, or after, for me! Life with dogs – from beginning and hopefully to the end!” Eleanore MacDonald 

-Rachael Johnson, Owner and Girl Person of 2 Traveling Dogs

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2 thoughts on “Life Before Dogs. Life After Dogs.

  1. Jacqueline

    So much fun seeing the pictures of all the babies and everyones comments. Animals are the greatest. Beautiful editorial, Miss Rachael. Thank you to all who participated!!! xoxoxo <3

  2. Vicki Logan currier

    My 8 Dogs keep me going and i don’t want it any other way I lost 2 in November to old age but I miss them ever day

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