Itchy Feet

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, what a week.  We can barely remember it all.  But we are settling in to a little bit of a routine, getting ourselves well, and the persons are too.  It is nice to not have somewhere that we have to be every day.  For now.  But alas, our itchy feet are already striking again.  Already.

Take me to the hotel baggage gone, oh well
Come on, come on won’t you get me to my room
I want to move
Playin’ in a travelin’ band
Well I’m flyin’ ‘cross the land, tryin’ to get a hand
Playin’ in a travelin’ band

They don’t call us the 2 Traveling Dogs for nothin. As we were going on a hike yesterday, we saw an RV pulling out and Girl Person remarked that she wondered where they were going.  Now. Seriously.  We have only been here for like three days.  Even I need a break.

IMG_2901.JPGGirl Person’s Pappy used to say that her great, great grandfather had itchy feet and liked to move too much.  That he was never happy in one place for a long time.  And well? We might be feeling like that a little bit.  Shocker. I know.  But we are trying to shake it off.  Shake it off.  We have to focus.

I want to move
Playin’ in a travelin’ band

IMG_2846.JPGFocusing is hard sometimes. There is a lot to be said for being on the go all of the time.  You never have a chance to be sad, because you have to keep going.  You are always seeing new things and you learn new things.


But the down side is that you can’t keep new friends, you don’t get a chance to relax, and you don’t get a yard to relax in.  So yeah.  This is a bit of a change for us.  And we are trying to get used to the idea of being stationary.  Even if it is for a week.  I also have to get used to the idea that not as many persons and furkids as I would like get to see my handsome in person.  I reckon that may be a bit disappointing to them.

With your fussin’ and your fightin’ won’t you get me to the rhyme
I want to move
Playin’ in a travelin’ band

So what have we found out this week?  That we aren’t ready to give up traveling completely.  You see, when traveling is in your heart, you don’t want to break it.  But somewhere, there has to be a balance.  Maybe we need to keep traveling to see that?  I know.  There we go again.

For today, we are headed to somewhere called St. Augustine, Florida to look for places to live there.  And this morning, I told the pelicans here about that.  Yes, we are already starting to make new friends.  And that.  Well, I admit is almost as good as traveling.


Finding out what is in your heart and where you want to go with that is hard sometimes. You may think that you know what you want, but are we ever really truly happy?  I think that we can be if we let our heart guide us where we want to go. It is when we ignore the navigation that our travels may lead us to somewhere we don’t want to be.  But.  Even then, we can always change course.  It has been said that you only live once.  I disagree.  We live every day.  We only die once.  And so today, get our your map and plan accordingly.  Listen to your heart.  It will tell you where to go.  Now.  If we can only hear what ours has to say above the itching of our feet.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Do you remember our third rescue visit on the Adventure Of A Lifetime with the Outer Banks SPCA in North Carolina?

Our first Big Game Recipe Countdown starts today!  Are you ready for one of Deputy Digby’s favorites?  Deviled Eggies For Dogs!  Full recipe below video!  If you have a suggestion for our next recipe installment, let us know!

Looking for a Big Game food that you and your dog can share?
2 Traveling Dogs Deviled Eggies

Enjoy this appawtizer during the Big Game! Yes. You can share with your dog!


6 organic, free range eggs
1 cooked, mashed organic sweet potato
1/2 cup organic, plain yogurt
2 slices of cooked turkey bacon
1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar

Cover eggs with water and bring to a boil. Boil for five minutes. When they are done boiling, drain off hot water and run cold water over them until the eggs get cold. Crack each egg against kettle just enough to make a few cracks in shell. Let eggs sit in cold water about 10 minutes peel will come off easily.

Once peeled, but each egg in half and set aside.

Mix yogurt, mashed sweet potato, bacon and apple cider vinegar together. Remove yolk carefully from each egg half and add to mixture. Mix again. Spoon filling into each egg half and serve!

Unused portions may be refrigerated for up to three days. This is meant as a treat for your dog and not a regular meal replacement.

Can you share? YES! You may just want to add salt and other spices to your batch! Enjoy!

For more recipes, join us at


4 thoughts on “Itchy Feet

  1. Jacqueline

    This line, right here: It has been said that you only live once. I disagree. We live every day. We only die once. Made my heart cry for all of it’s honesty. True story, right there. Thank you. xoxoxox <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. I know about itchy feets, it’s so much fun to travel and have daily adventures, but I suppose we all have to settle down a bit, course youall are so young i dunno! Your certainly wise beyond your years an it’s a lot of fun to live vicariously thru you! Be well and happy! Lee

  3. Karen Hampton

    Sheriff, you are wise beyond words!! Happy house hunting….that is an adventure in itself!!! St Augustine is lovely!! Have a wonderful day & may many people & furkids be able to enjoy your handsome today!!

  4. Cindi Buzzell

    Good Day ya’ll, I have found a few houses with yards in that Florida place that you might want to see. 4216 Kingsbury Street, Jacksonville. It’s a sweet house looks perfect for you! 139,000
    I tried to send you the 30 pictures of it….but it won’t go through. Is there a specific email address that I can send it too? It’s on a site called Trulia. There is also another house on that site in Bradenton Beach. Trulia has so many houses in Florida for under $150,000😁🐾
    I am looking to move from California so I use two sites to help me look for homes. One is Trulia and the other is Zillow. I’ve been following you since the beginning….
    You can contact me at the email address below.
    Hugs and Love ❤️🐾🐾❤️

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