Pawcast Podcast #9 The New York City Special Edition

When we took Brickle and Digby to New York City, we were nervous.  And we had reason to be.  Listen to Girl Person and Boy Person discuss our trip into Manhattan, running out of gas, Central Park and how two country dogs reacted to the Big Apple.

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2 thoughts on “Pawcast Podcast #9 The New York City Special Edition

  1. Oh, so beautiful, you two!!! I just love how adorable you are together! And thanks for bringing “The Joy of Painting” and Bob Ross into it, I’m so glad you knew who he was!! So so soooothing. And no doubt, NYC is no joke, but like you both said, it’s one of the most dog-friendly city’s in the US and I’m a Brooklyn girl and we call Manhattan “going to the city” so it is like different worlds!! I moved to Wisconsin a few years ago and just listening to your Paw-cast made me white knuckle again, it’s where my anxiety was born and both of my brothers and their wives, and now my first Neice!! are all there so I will be traveling there again soon, so I can’t imagine how scared the boys were, and Girl Person, yes!!! You handled it like a champ! And what you both said too about being able to find each other amidst all the people, noise and chaos, it really is SUCH a small city in retrospect. It’s the Grid, and I can get lost in my own backyard, but I could find anywhere there, and you all DROVE in it!!!! So so brave!!! I was a walker, Metro or cab girl. I would have given anything to have walked onto an elevator and seen you all!!!! Xoxoxo I really hope you both know that you are not only so important to each other, Brickle and Digby, your family’s, the rescues you’ve visited and all of the animals you’ve shared and no doubt, Spared!!! But all of the people who’s hearts you’ve both touched and given so much joy too as well!! You two are a special breed as well!!! Thank you for being who you are and including all of us along the way!! You’ve helped save A LOT of lives. Peace and love Nate and Rachael. Love, Jackie. 🐾🐾✌✌❤❤

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