I Care About As Much As Spilled, Wax Beans

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  One thing is for sure in this world. You can never live up to everyone’s expectations.  Now, I know that my beauty exceeds everyone’s expectations, but that is a different story.  What does not apparently is my training or lack there of.

Girl Person used to care that we weren’t acting like we were “supposed to”.  I don’t brag about it, but I will say that I got a certificate from puppy kindergarten when I was a mere six months old.  I proudly know how to “leave it” and shake paws.  I proudly do neither unless there are high rewards involved.  But other stuff? You can better believe that neither Digby or I are doing anything expected.  No exceptions are involved.  Since we are eight years old, our “crazy” ain’t changing either.

When did Girl Person stop caring that we were not models for Dog Behavior Magazine? I don’t know if there is such a magazine, but if there is, I am glad I can’t read.  She stopped caring when she realized that she didn’t have the best behavior either.  And if she was expected to act a certain way all the time, she sure would not do it.  She said that she realized we were individuals and demanded respect as such.  And so her demands lessened.  Every dog is different she told us one day. One dog may want to walk behind his person.  I can guarantee you that would never happen in my book.  Pack leader?  Doesn’t that convey someone is of less value if not a leader?

IMG_5771.jpgSome persons may scold Girl Person for her lack of training.  And I can tell you another thing.  I care about as much as that bowl of beans that spilled everywhere on the floor yesterday when we had to move campsites yet again.  Yes.  Again.  We are having to move so much in this campground that the persons are getting lazy about packing things right, and Girl Person forgot to pack the food tight in the refrigerator.  So when Boy Person opened it to get some juice, he got a bowl of beans all over his feet.  He said he was sure they were wax beans since our floor needed  cleaning anyway. And well, if Girl Person was a dog, I suppose she would get in trouble for her lack of behavior. And that is just crazy.  I care about it as much as I do spilled, wax beans.  And I don’t.

So everyone? Maybe sometimes you can lighten up a bit.  If you don’t have any beans like we don’t now, it may be easy to do.

Tomorrow, we will give you another update of our house search this week and other happenings to be aware of.  I am trained to do that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “I Care About As Much As Spilled, Wax Beans

  1. gretzmom

    I am thinking about your friends and family and hope the storm goes easy on them! I am also laughing about dogs and their training or lack of! My dog Tucker-a rescue-looks like the best dog ever at meals, he lies quietly under the table and never begs. If you feed him a tasty bit he takes it delicately from your fingers. Until I get up to clean the table off, go into the kitchen and bam! His head is lapping up everything on the table! And never leave the leftover pizza on the counter, he’s so fast you won’t even see the pizza disappear! This is my rescue boy and I love him anyway!

  2. Vicki Logan currier

    Good morning what’s that saying Dogs will be Dogs love too you all and prayers for your family and friends in Florida i have a son and his family there have a good day many blessings

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