What Floats Your Boat?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  When it’s as hot as it is in Sacramento, California, you question everything.  Do I have to go outside today?  It is possible to have all of my peanut butter cookies delivered?  Is it good that I am here adding to the hotness of this place?


Parts of California are as different as me and Deputy Digby.  At the beginning of the week, I was freezing my cute butt off in Ft. Bragg.  Then, at the end of the week, I was contemplating whether I should move to Alaska.


You see, I have come to the conclusion, that no matter where we go, someone wants to live there.  Someone loves it there.  Someone built roots there, but not as dark as Girl Person’s.  And liking different things is what makes us all interesting! Whatever floats your boat!  Mine would prefer to be floating on peanut butter.

IMG_4634.JPGIf you have been along with us on this trip, you know that we have all been more than excited to get back to Sonoma County, California.

We thought at this point in the trip, we would know where we were going to be more permanently.  But since that is not the case, the persons decided that what would float their boats would be to enjoy wherever we are on whatever day that may be.  We are staying in Sacramento till Monday as the persons have some work here.  But then on Monday…we are excited to tell you that we are headed back to our place of happy.  The place we left over five years ago to go back to Florida.  A place that Girl Person thought she would never, ever see again.  And our first stop in Sonoma County?  Bodega Bay.

As we have got closer and closer to especially Girl Person’s place of happy, she has been crying a lot.  It makes no sense to me that persons cry when they are sad, they cry when they are happy and if you are Girl Person, you cry when you don’t like the wine you bought.


She told me part of the reason she was crying is that sometimes, you may think something is impossible.  When we left Sonoma years ago, it was because we could not sell our home in Florida, Girl Person had lost her job, and Granny Person was getting older, and we were missing family.  Girl Person started the dog treat business and she promised to herself to work as hard as she could to somehow get enough money to move back to California.  She did work as hard as she could, and yet, things didn’t work out as planned.  Girl Person says she has heard if you work hard enough, anything is possible.  Well, sometimes, it ain’t and you have to regroup.  We aren’t getting back to California in the perfect scenario.  We still don’t have anywhere to live and Granny Person isn’t here to tell her about it. But you know what?  We are back, Sonoma County.  And we plan to enjoy it here again for as long as we can.  No matter what imperfections are there.  I mean, I have no imperfections, but you know what I mean. I pretty much float everyone’s boat.


Are we uncertain about where our adventure is ultimately going to take us? We really are.  It is hard not to worry.  But to let our worry overshadow our joy is not something I will allow.  It is like getting a little burnt edge on a peanut butter cookie.  You ignore it and eat it. And that is what we plan to do this week.  We may not be arriving back in Sonoma County with everything in order.  But we have each other, our Big Blue Treat Wagon and we plan to float our boats!  Are you with us?

One last item on the agenda, Monday is some solar eclipse thing.  And we want everyone to be safe and have fun!

So get prepared, but have a good weekend, and follow us on our Facebook page all weekend!  Then, Sonoma County? Get ready….cause here we come!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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  2. Jacqueline

    I just love your blogs, and I LOVE that solar eclipse video you guys made, I keep watching it, it’s so adorable!! Enjoy your weekend, family, I hope it’s not too hot all weekend (it’s freezing, in my opinion, today in Wisconsin!!!) and I’m so excited for you to be heading for the finish line!! Have a great weekend, I love you all!!! xoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

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