Come Closer. I Am Here.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you are like our persons, you spend many hours looking for answers that never seem to come.  Like when you ponder the meaning of life, or why I am so handsome.


Or maybe you think about what the answer is to happiness, or possibly what you should eat for dinner, which in fact may be the same answer.  But for Girl Person yesterday, she decided that since the answer to where we should go from here is not coming to her, she should ask a donkey and his friends. And I see no reason to argue with that logic, because it may not be logical.  But at this point, what do we have to lose?

If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it
Chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee
Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah
What a neat achievement that would be.

Questions may be easy to ask.  But finding the answers may not be so easy.  Why?  Persons sometimes have their own agenda, and possibly they think that they know what is best, and don’t want to hear other answers because they really have already decided.  I have never understood this.  Why do persons make things so difficult? Because sometimes, there are in fact are no wrong answers.  Whatever path is chosen, we always seem to make it work. Don’t we?


For Girl Person, the path she chose yesterday was straight to a donkey at camp. And the sheep.  And the goats.  And a rabbit. You heard me.  Because since no person has any answers, she thought maybe a donkey would. Or a sheep.  Or a goat.  Or a rabbit. Taking to the animals at this point is obviously the only thing left to do.  And maybe that is where we should have started.

If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages
Maybe take an animal degree.
We’d study elephant and eagle, buffalo and beagle,
Alligator, guinea pig, and flea.


First, we decided to ask the rabbit where he thought we should go this week, and where we could find a house.  The rabbit said that he thought wherever carrots grew best would be the better option.  He said that carrots are sweet and the sweet life is always the good life.

Hi rabbit. Nice to meet you. #camping #campinglife #koa #2travelingdogs

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So that wasn’t much help.  I hate carrots, and I don’t have a green thumb.  I actually don’t have a thumb at all.  So we decided to ask the sheep.  The sheep told us that we should have already made the decision on where to move to about a month ago.  They sheepishly reminded us of the fact that we were taking too long.  They told us we should get on the road and head back to greener pastures.  But they were judging us the whole time they were talking to us, and moved along without saying where that greener pasture was.

I feel like I'm being judged. #campinglife #sheepish

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So once again, not much help.  So far, carrots in greener pastures.  This was getting us about as far as Deputy Digby’s eyes from a plate of pancakes.  Not very far at all.  So then, we decided to go and talk to the goats.  Goats.  With their crazy eyes, I wasn’t expecting much of an answer, or a conversation.  The goats told us that because of their four stomachs, food was very important to them.  They told us that they eat just about anything, but that we should go where we can eat the best food and the most food. They also told us that climbing our way to happiness was the best way to go about it.  They said that the view from the top is always the best. And when you are in the depths of despair, that is as low as you could go, and you aren’t helping anyone.  They had much more to say, but their eyes were freaking me out.

What did the goat say? #crazyeyes #2travelingdogs

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So that was that.  And these animals were all just stating the obvious.  So it was time to go talk to a donkey.  I don’t know why and I don’t even have anything clever to explain why because who needs to be clever when you are going to talk to a donkey?

If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages
Think of all the things we could discuss
If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals,
Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals,
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to us.

Some don’t know that donkeys are pretty smart. And I have always heard that a donkey can’t tell a lie.  Actually, I have never heard that, but I would assume that.  Why? Because they listen with their hearts.  As Girl Person talked to the donkey, the donkey leaned in to the fence between them.  He told her to come closer, that he had always been there.


He told her that if she believed that a donkey could give her the answer to the most important decision she felt that she had ever faced…that she could believe in herself too.  He told her what she already knew.  That it may not be possible to stay here in this California place.  He told her that he wishes he could fly, but he could not.  And that sometimes, we don’t have a choice. As I suspected, the donkey could not lie.  He didn’t sugarcoat our situation, because truth be told, if we could have stayed we would have.  But it is not looking good.  We could wait here till the cows come home and still not find a house to buy we can afford.

Till the cows come home…#2travelingdogs #petaluma #california #sonoma

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So tomorrow may be the day we go explore other options.  You see, as much as we want to stay, we did get to come here for a little while. And if we can’t afford to live here?  We can’t change that.  We have to find our happiness somewhere else.  And that is just the way it is.  A donkey always tells it like it is.  Because that is what donkeys do.  And even if persons want to tell us we will find something here, we tried. But we can’t park here forever.  We need our own little home, and our own little yard. So we have to come up with a plan. Tomorrow’s agenda?  Getting the donkey to help us with that.  Because he seems to have all the answers.  Who knew?  I guess the donkey did all along.  We all have a donkey somewhere in our lives.  We just have to come closer.  And listen.  They are there.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Just Like Starting Over. If You Can Start.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  And sometimes my friends?  You start off your day with a big pile of feathers in your mouth, and you end the day with a big pile of thrown up feathers in your car.  If you are me.


If Girl Person would have told me that I shouldn’t have ate that dead bird head and its feathers at camp, I probably would not have listened.  And I didn’t.  In fact, I ignored her so hard that I ate it in five gulps, despite her hands down my throat trying to pull it out.  Then she started throwing up when I swallowed it, Sheriff Brickle issued a warrant for my arrest, and I was pretty full.  Of feathers. If I could have flown away, well, I would have.  To find another dead bird head to eat.  Priorities.

But alas our time in Bodega Bay was drawing to a close, although we weren’t prepared for it.

Our life together
Is so precious together
We have grown, we have grown
Although our love is still special
Let’s take a chance and fly away
Somewhere alone

We didn’t know it was crab season, and no campsites ended up being open.  So the persons decided that maybe it was better that way…not to have any long goodbyes to a place that we loved so much.


And the rain was on the way, so maybe things were working the way they were supposed to be.  Maybe it was time we start over.  Again.


So we started up the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV that by the way is out of treats now, and we headed out to Petaluma.  Why?  We have a few more houses to look at this weekend, and see no reason to get back on the road till Monday.  It felt like we were starting over again.  And the Big Blue Treat Wagon had to get warmed up.  Two months in one campground was a rest for it too.  It kind of deserved it.

It’s been too long since we took the time
No-one’s to blame, I know time flies so quickly
But when I see you darling
It’s like we both are falling in love again
It’ll be just like starting over
Starting over

As we pulled out of the parking lot for the last time, it felt empty, like when my stomach has no dead birds in it.  But it also felt like maybe, just maybe, a new start was what we needed to clear our heads, to be able to think a little bit.  Because starting over is not so easy sometimes.  And the first step is just the hardest.

Sometimes though, to start, you have to get rid of the bad thoughts, or the dead birds in your stomach.  And as we were about half way there, Girl Person saw me get that look on my face, and she knew that it was coming, and there was nothing at all she could do about it.  Starting over was going to be getting rid of what was ailing me.  All.  Over.  Her.

It’s time to spread our wings and fly
Don’t let another day go by my love
It’ll be just like starting over
Starting over

Now, you would think that driving thru Petaluma with all of the cows and cow poop in the air, that dead bird guts wouldn’t be such a big deal, but when it is all over you driving, it kind of is to people I assume.  Yet, I felt better, and isn’t that all that matters?


For Girl Person who was following behind Boy Person and the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, I kind of thought that she should thank me for making her forget how sad she was to leave Bodega Bay.  If you don’t think it was all a plan from the very beginning, well, keep it to yourself.  Starting over sometimes takes a big effort, and I put forth a very big effort with the dead bird head.

As we pulled into a new campground, we got a little flutter of excitement at change again.  But as Boy Person turned off the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV to check in, we didn’t know that it was having second thoughts at starting over.  And some big ones.

Why don’t we take off alone
Take a trip somewhere far, far away
We’ll be together all alone again
Like we used to in the early days
Well, well, well darling

You see, there we were, sitting in the campground’s driveway, and the Big Blue Treat Wagon decided that it was already tired.  And it missed Bodega Bay.  As Boy Person usually does, he panicked a little bit and Girl Person panicked a lot.  And there we sat.  When Boy Person decided to give it one last try, it finally came back on.  And our hearts had pretty much stopped.  Traveling through 48 states the past year and a half was hard. And here we were starting.  All over again.  It was scaring us all.

Don’t let another day go by my love
It’ll be just like starting over
Starting over

When you start over, well, you may have questions about it.  And we certainly are.  To head back to that Florida place seems so far.  And we have a few more houses to look at this weekend.  And apparently, Boy Person needs to make sure we can even make it back to Florida now in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  But we are ready.  Ready to start over, whatever it takes.  We have decided that nothing is that important to be on a schedule.  This is up to us, and yes, Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  We are going to breathe this weekend and the persons are going to clean up the dead bird throw up.  Or maybe throw out the car.  That is definitely a way to start over, now isn’t it?  You’re welcome.

As we keep saying…stay tuned!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Where are we going today?  Isn’t it November 1st?  Weren’t be supposed to know where we were going?  Good questions.  Another question is when did I start being able to read calendars? There seems to be a lot of questions floating around this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  And no answers.

Now everybody’s got advice they just keep on givin’
Doesn’t mean too much to me
Lots of people out to make-believe they’re livin’
Can’t decide who they should be, whoa

Here it goes.  And you know that as Deputy I am always honest.  As part of my job, I uphold the law.  Another part of my job, I break the law.  But we don’t need to focus on that so much.  The honest part?  The persons have been talking and crying and talking some more the last few days.  Especially yesterday.  Because they don’t know if leaving Sonoma County is a mistake.  And it is bringing not decisions.  But indecision.

I understand about indecision
But I don’t care if I get behind
People livin’ in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind


You see, here it goes.  We love that Florida place.  We love our family in that Florida place.  But here just seems to fit us right now in this moment, because we have been tired from traveling and we got a routine going.  If you have been following the blog, you know that Girl Person and Boy Person tried their hardest to make a business work to bring us back to California.  Did the business work?  They tell me it did not.  But we still made it back here…although not the way they intended in a house with wheels.  Persons and their plans.  Just always seem to get broken.


What they don’t realize is that their hard work did get us back here.  Just not in their perfect way.

Now you’re climbin’ to the top of the company ladder
Hope it doesn’t take too long
Can’tcha you see there’ll come a day when it won’t matter?
Come a day when you’ll be gone, whoa

And now that we are here, we are finding it very hard to go.  One of the reasons is because we haven’t found a home in that Florida place either yet.  And then traveling across the country seems so far again to now sit and wait for a house there too. But spending so much money camping and not being able to find anywhere more reasonable is not doing us any good. Many people are displaced from the fires and housing is scarce.  And then!!  Then, then, then….what do we do?


Sometimes, the persons can talk so much that they keep saying the same things over and over and they get nowhere.  They have been stalling on making a decision for weeks now.  But I have to say this.  I am not complaining. Because Sheriff Brickle and I love it here too.


But honesty is my policy. So here it goes. We really need to get going here.  Being in limbo is no fun.  Unless you are at a party.  Or a pawty.  This is not helping anyone to camp forever in Bodega Bay.

The Depression Monsters are multiplying up in here and the persons don’t do so good under pressure.  So instead of heading back to that Florida place today, we have a couple of options.  The first is to not leave until tomorrow because they are so tired from talking day and night.  Or.  We can maybe go somewhere else to think for a few days.  But it is morning.  It is early. And we don’t know yet.  I don’t know how to tell time anyway.

Now if you’re feelin’ kinda low ’bout the dues you’ve been paying
Future’s coming much too slow
And you want to run but somehow you just keep on stayin’
Can’t decide on which way to go

So.  Indecision.  It is a visitor with us right now. There seems to be no clear cut answers. But we will figure it out. Actually, Sheriff Brickle will  So stay tuned to our Facebook page today. We will let you know if and when we are going. This is a hard one.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Don’t Worry, Baby

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. This week? It was definitely better than dealing with the fires last week. We want to let you know though that there are still fires burning here, and many people still here fighting these fires. We are still thanking them too. They have worked hard and for many, many days.

Don’t worry baby
Everything will turn out alright

This past week was still hard for California, and many parts, although recovering, were still having many problems. But we could feel a sense of normalcy start to occur in the air. And the people here were so happy about it. Has it ever felt so good to be normal? I don’t know how to be normal, but when it is in the air, the persons say that sometimes that is a very good thing. Daily activities were happening like people shopping and driving places. Some people were going to restaurants and we even saw some people on vacation on the beach. It wasn’t that people forgot about the fires, but they had to get a little bit of worry off of their plate and more pancakes on it. That is at least what I wanted. Or to step in horse poop. Either one worked for me this week.

In fact, the worry seemed to keep trickling a little bit further and further. We know that it will be a very long time until a full normal day happens here in Sonoma County. For the people rebuilding and the volunteers still trying to help, it will be a long journey back to a completely normal place.


You know that usually we do not like rain, but when it started raining yesterday, we felt like the tears of all of the people here in California were pouring down. It was the start of healing. We felt it. And our worry? We still feel it. The people here still feel it. But when you talk to them, they are happy, just because of a normal day. And it feels good.


It is easy to tell someone not to worry when that someone isn’t you. Sometimes you can see a silver lining for someone else, but you can’t see it for yourself. For us, we see the strength of the people in this county and all of the firefighters and officers and so many others that helped them to get to this point. But when it comes down to it, we all have to make our own silver lining, no matter what the circumstances. No one else can do it for us.

We see in an instance how things can go wrong, but when you see people appreciating a normal day, it makes those normal days so wonderful. Because everyday is a gift with it’s own wrapping. Some days, you think that whoever wrapped that present used too much wrapping paper, and it is taking you forever to get to the present. But then you ignore the beautiful paper…and isn’t half the fun working towards whatever gift you want?

I think that usually that is the case unless you are waiting on pancakes to be made. In that case, I say get to the pancakes. And if you feel like that, sometimes, you have to toss aside whatever is standing in your way to get to some normalcy. Like you have to forget about the work you have to do. It will be there tomorrow. You have to forget about that bill you can’t pay. Oh, it will be there tomorrow. But don’t forget about the good staring right in front of you that may not be there tomorrow. Sheriff Brickle would say you can’t forget about responsiblities, and I am not sure i agree with that because I sure can forget about responsibilities pretty easily. But what you do have to do sometimes is prioritize and shuffle stuff around. Just like the people of Sonoma County are having to do.

They may have lost their homes, but they appreciate they made it out with their lives. They may have lost their clothes, but their furkids made it out with them. They may have lost everything. But they now have an appreciation for normal they did not have before, and we hear many people saying that this has made them think of what they do need to change in their lives to be happy. We stand in awe of them and we love them so much.

And if you knew how much I loved you
Baby nothing could go wrong with you

And for those who are not ready to see the silver lining yet? We understand that too. Because sometimes, it takes awhile. And we know they will find it.

Worry is a heavy burden. Many people wake up with it, or go to sleep with it. Dogs have it easy in that regards. My belly only worries what is for dinner, or breakfast, or a snack. People seem to worry about worrying. So I say today? Take a break. See your silver lining. It is there if you look for it.

Stay tuned to see where we are headed…or if we are headed out on Monday! Why? We don’t know yet. We aren’t going to worry about it today.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Way You Do The Things You Do

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Even amidst all of the chaos and tragedy still this week in this California place, Deputy Digby has found a way provide distractions from the sadness in only the way that Digby can do.  And I wish he would not do most of them.


Yesterday, the fog rolled into Bodega Bay of Sonoma County, and Girl Person said that she has never been so happy to see fog in her life.  Our breathing got a little better, and it seemed like a little bit of normalcy was trying to creep back in.  So we went to take a drive and decided to take a drive on one of the roads here from that movie, The Birds.  It was one of the things that we had wanted to do since we got here, and since our time is running out, there is no better time than the present.

Well, Digby also had items on his agenda yesterday too, and he meant business about it.  First of all, he decided that since we had been inside so much of the time for the past week, it was time to let all of his energy out.  So he started with eating random poop on the trail, peeing on my head at the same time, and then kicking up dirt in Girl Person’s face when she bent down to pick up my business.  He was definitely into multitasking. And this was before Girl Person had even had her coffee.

You got a smile so bright
You know you could have been a candle

This distraction came at a great time, because Girl Person had been busy worrying about one of her friends in Sonoma.  She had been watching the news too much, and it about broke her heart when she saw what had happened to our favorite dog park we had just visited.

Brickle at “his park” taken one week prior to the fires

Digby sensed this, and thought that he needed to step up his game plan even more.  So as we were walking on our lunchtime walk, we passed the usual piles of horse poop on the horse trail, and Digby decided to grab a snack.  Girl Person was mortified yet again, and as another walker looked at him in horror with straw and poop hanging out his mouth, he threw himself on a rotten peach.

And babe you smell so sweet
You know you could’ve been some perfume

Girl Person asked him what in the world was the matter with him.  She then thought that in order to get out his energy, we had to take an extra long walk around the marina.  Digby thought this was also a good idea because his agenda of distractions also included eating rotten crabs, bird poop as dessert and then barking at fisherman.


You know, a Sheriff needs a day off every now and then, and honestly, Deputy Digby’s arrests were so many yesterday that I didn’t even have enough paper to write them all down.  So as I do on any day off, I just decided to use my time in order to look at myself. You see, Digby’s distractions, although against the law, were helping the persons forget about the awfulness of the past week.

As pretty as you are
You know you could’ve been a flower
If good looks were minutes
You know you could have been an hour

The way Digby does the things he does makes me wonder what we would do without him.  I do know that Girl Person would have a lot more time, our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV would be a lot cleaner, and I wouldn’t have to worry about pee on my head.  But things would be pretty boring around here.  And after the past week, we have all learned to lean on each other.

For now, just to address some business, we are hanging in. The smoke has cleared a little, and we are expecting rain on Thursday.  Let’s keep our positivity up and remember to appreciate whatever today brings you.  Unless it is horse poop, old crabs or rotten peaches.  In that case, send them Digby’s way.  He might need to use them again tomorrow.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Y’all Ready For This?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I have a question that I ask every morning before I take my first steps outside. Then I have a question when it is time for breakfast. Then I have another question when it is time for dinner. And then one more question when it is time for my treat at night. Are y’all ready for this? The persons may think I am howling.  But I am singing. Loudly for all to hear.  And almost getting kicked out of every campground so far on our trip.  It goes kinda like this…

But.  For business.  It is my job as Deputy to address it. So you know that the past week has been beyond belief. It is no secret that the fires in California, in the county that we are in, have been horrible. Awlful. And yet? Around the aforementioned times of the day, well, I have to forget about the fires for a little while. At least, put them in the back of my mind.  Most of the time, I let the persons worry for me.  But even I couldn’t ignore what was happening.  The smoke in the air wouldn’t let me.


I told the Sheriff that he needed to let the persons worry at least some for us.  But as usual, Sheriff Brickle did not take my recommendation to do this and got a real bad tummy ache on Saturday.


The persons had worried so much and talked about what we should do for so much of the time that they got upset. Should we leave or should we go? Every time we thought we should stay, another fire would come and more evacuations would come.  Every time we heard any type of siren we panicked. We couldn’t sleep at all and wondered what we could wake up to next.


In fact, Girl Person was making not much sense at all. She was sick from not being able to breathe, and to make herself feel better, she decided to get in the shower. But the shower wasn’t clean enough for her. So she decided to clean the shower before she got in the shower. Boy Person asked her what in the world she was doing and then, well, she started crying right in the shower. And she didn’t stop for a little while. Therefore, Brickle’s stomach ache. I just took a nap.


When everything seems to be falling down around you, but you haven’t been touched directly, you may feel guilty. And that is how the persons are feeling now. They want to stay and help. They waited to get back here for over five years and they dreamed about this happy place of theirs. You would think with everything happening that they would want to get out of here. But then Girl Person starts crying that she doesn’t want to leave again.

It seems, at least for now, that maybe the air will be getting better in the next few days.  The firefighters and all of the volunteers have been working themselves so hard.  In fact, at the little restaurant where we are staying, some firefighters came to get some food, and everyone started cheering and cheering!  Even Sheriff Brickle who usually demands all of the spotlight cheered too.  And he wasn’t even jealous about it.  I know.  This is a very unusual situation.

IMG_7815.JPGThe persons were trying to decide whether we should leave now instead of our plan to leave on November 1st.  Just the thought of leaving her “happy place” of Bodega Bay makes Girl Person start crying.  Which makes Sheriff Brickle get a stomach ache.  So as long as the smoke in the air keeps getting better, we are staying here at camp until next Monday.



Boy Person spent his day Saturday driving around trying to see who needed help and supplies. Everywhere that he went, even people who had lost everything were trying to give HIM food.  They were trying to give HIM water.  And well, to say that we are impressed with this little community is putting it as light as a buttermilk stack of pancakes.  With everything going wrong in the world, this is what life is about.  No, not fires.  No, not tragedy.  But this is what people CAN be if they try, if they want to be.


As we were walking around camp, we heard an entire family talking about losing their homes.  Then, they got in their car and started driving around to each and every campsite asking who needed food.  Can you imagine t hat?  I am not so sure if I lost my dog bed that I would be so happy about it.  But I guess you don’t know until it happens to you.  And I would hope to be that way if I could.

You may think that the persons are making a mistake by staying here when danger is still a possibility.  And they won’t argue with that.  But if we have to get out of here fast, we have a plan to do so.  I know, and Sheriff Brickle knows, that they love us more than anything.  So we have been taking very short walks and doing so on the beach at night.  We have been staying inside a lot which is driving us crazy, but we know that it has to be done because of the smoke.

So.  Will we stay till November 1?  We don’t know yet. But for this week, we will not leave the place we waited five years to come to.  Simply put? We aren’t ready.  We know that you are anxious for us to start our next venture, and it may seem like we are at a standstill.  Well, as Sheriff Brickle would say, be patient.  This last week was a very hard one to get thru.  Every time we think about it, we cry.  A lot can change in a week and it did for so many of our friends.  Their homes are gone.  But Girl Person told me that she truly believes there is nowhere like this place in the world.  As she went to the farmer’s market yesterday, she didn’t expect anyone to be there, but she was sure hoping that the bread people would be.  Four booths were set up, and she got her bread, and she got her duck eggs.  As a lady came up to one of the booths, and Girl Person asked how she was, the lady said her house was gone.  But she was smiling.  She told Girl Person that once the shock wore off, she realized this was her opportunity to start over.  This was her opportunity to have this experience to be able to help someone else in the future who would go through this same thing.

Then, another man person said that his teacher at college had traveled all over the world and that she knew there was no place like Sonoma County anywhere.  Another lady said that she had just moved here five weeks ago and immediately felt at home.  Now, she said more than ever, this was always going to be her home. And Girl Person knew she wasn’t alone.  For whatever reason, this place is our heart.  And our hearts broke last Sunday night.  So whatever decisions come our way this week, bear with us a few more days.  We need some time to figure this out.  Are y’all ready for this?  What this is I don’t know.  But we know it will be the right decision if we take our time with it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. What a week this has been. It is only Friday. Shouldn’t it be Friday two weeks from now? I am already there. Actually, I wish I was, because this nightmare in California would hopefully be gone.

One day it’s fine and next it’s black


When things like the fires happen, it makes you think of what you would do in that situation. For many of the families we have met this week at camp who have lost their homes, they have impressed us beyond belief. And it takes a lot to impress this Sheriff for sure.

You sometimes hear of people coming together in a community to help each other. And we knew that Sonoma County would do that. But the way they did it was just something that you had to see to believe. Yesterday at camp, we had police officers driving down the road asking Girl Person if we needed any dog food. Guess they don’t know I eat organic steak, but still very nice of them to ask.

Now only were other law enforcement officers at camp, but there were people at camp too that were helping the officers by unloading donations and firewood to keep everyone warm. Some donations even had to be turned away because there were so many. Digby was disappointed though that no one brought him any pancakes.


Every day this week were ups and downs. First, we would think that the worst of the fires were over. Then another would start, or get worse.

It’s always tease, tease, tease
You’re happy when I’m on my knees
One day it’s fine and next it’s black

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

A new day in Sonoma County. We hope for the best. #2travelingdogs #cawildfires

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Then the winds shifted and people were evacuated. Many of our friends lost their homes, or had to evacuate and it was scary. Very scary. We even made room in the Big Blue Treat Wagon. It is still going on, and there is no very clear end in sight despite all the work and efforts by the firefighters and everyone helping. There have been so many helping. We thank them.


So where does this leave us? Every day, we wondered. Are we ok? Are we in harms way? Should we stay? Should we go?

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

For us, the persons had to decide every day what we should do. We got food and gas so we were ok there after a long day of searching. But then we couldn’t find diesel fuel for the RV, and we have been parked here so long, we knew we were low. The persons made the decision that if we had to leave in a dire emergency, if the rare thing would happen and the fires would make it out this far, that we would have to leave the RV. It’s just stuff. We had the important things ready to go.


Now, we only have reservations here at camp until Monday here on the coast. And we can’t find anywhere available to camp of course because of so many displaced people. So now. What do we do? We want to stay and help when the smoke does clear, but can we? Can we take the smoke? These are all things that the persons have to decide this weekend. So bear with us. What we have to decide is nothing at all compared to the many dilemmas of the wonderful people of California. We never thought in a million years that this would happen. But life has a way of surprising you. It also has a way of telling you what you need to do.  Now…if we can just listen and figure this out.

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

We are beyond words regarding this week.  We love you Sonoma.  Please click here for ways YOU can help people! 

Please click here for ways you can help the animals!

And donate towards our California picked rescue in Santa Rosa, Soft Paws Rescue



Heads, Shoulders Knees And Toes

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  This has been a real bad week over here.  So lets take a moment to regroup. Bear with me.

Girl Person has been driving me crazy this week.  First, she is singing to Sheriff Brickle about some Buffalo gals coming out tonight.  Then she starts singing this crazy song to me.  Because she says that I have the cutest elbows in the world.  The cutest toes in the world.  The cutest everything in the world.  And she kisses me, kisses me, kisses me.


Now, if my claim to fame was winning an elbow contest, so be it, as long as there were pancake trophies.  If my claim to fame was the cutest knees, well, so be it.  And I don’t need to finish that sentence. Just. Pancakes. I am just glad that apparently, just by existing, I can help out the persons when they are so stressed out with the fires around us.


Usually, Sheriff Brickle has the monopoly on adoration around here.  But even his handsome cannot be overshadowed this week by cute.  And I usually don’t brag, but when you are getting this crazy song sung to you every five minutes, you have to say to yourself, self?  If cuteness could make all of these problems go away, I could do it.  And I wish that I could.  I also wish I could make this song go away as well.  Can I state the obvious here? This song does not mention elbows. Which in fact is added by Girl Person.

When bad things go on around the persons, usually, they can’t see the simple things that they still have in the world.  For us here at camp, we are seeing families that are sleeping in their trucks because they have left their homes.  But we are seeing that they are still happy.  Why?  The children are riding their bikes that they took with them when they evacuated, they are singing, they are enjoying each other. And it is hard to believe that they are even laughing.  Why?  They left with what was important to them.  Each other. And this is a very big lesson for our family. Could we do that?


We realize that we are fortunate to be here.  Many would say that it is sad when we got back to this place that we love after five years of hoping, that this would happen.  But we have something to say about that.  We are privileged to be here when we are needed most.  We also say that if there is something that you want to see, or do…do it.  Don’t wait and enjoy it while you can!  You may not be able to do it tomorrow.  For us, we wasted alot of time worrying about the future when we could have been taking in all the beauty around us.

IMG_7174.JPGSo heads, shoulders, knees and toes? Oh, and elbows too?  Girl Person says that the things keeping them going and positive are the things that matter most.  She says that if she didn’t have my elbows to kiss right now, that would make her saddest of all.  So I willingly give up my elbows to person slobber.  But I cannot guarantee that they are clean.  Sorry.  You can’t have everything.

For Sheriff Brickle, here is his update as well.  He has briefed me that our family will be deciding how long we are going to stay here once the fires are contained and we are allowed into the area.  We are camped here until Monday in Bodega Bay as long as we are not evacuated.  It is a minute by minute situation, and although I sleep through most of it, I will let Brickle update you as he deems necessary.  For me, I have to put some lotion on my elbows. They are most needed around here.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Here is the deal.  We have been sad this week.  How can you not be when your world is burning down around you, and the people that you love and cherish are losing their homes?  We can’t help it.  We are worried, we are sick from smoke around us.  And Boy Person is very sick with the flu. Yeah, so it has been one of those weeks.  And it is only Wednesday.

But when Girl Person says that we are in the depths of despair, she pulls out all of the tricks.


You see, I am one to pick up on other people and furkids’ despair and emotions.  As Sheriff, that is my duty, my job.  I care, even though I may not look like it in particular.  And I definitely care about everything happening around us right now.


When I am in the total depths of despair, Girl Person pulls out the singing.  I am not happy about that.  But again, since I am being all sensitive this week, I am going to admit that it works.

As I was walking down the street
Down the street, down the street
A pretty girl I chanced to meet
And we danced by the light of the moon

She starts to sing one particular song…and I love it.  I admit it.  I go crazy for it.  It is about the only thing that can pull me out of a bad mood except for peanut butter cookies.  What the song is about, well, I have no literal clue.


Sometimes though, it doesn’t matter what the words of a song are.  Girl Person sings it funny, especially when she comes to the part about the mooooon.  We aren’t from Buffalo.  I don’t know any buffalo, and yet, the moon?  It is beautiful here in Sonoma County, California.  And so?  It fits.  Unlike Girl Person’s holey socks and holey shoes.  Yep, she really needs some new ones.

I danced with a gal with a hole in her stocking
And her knees was a-knockin’ and her shoes was a-rockin’
I danced with a gal with a hole in her stocking
And we danced by the light of the moon

Sometimes, when we are going thru really hard times, you can’t think of a song to sing.  And if that is the case, ask someone to sing one for you.  And then, sing one for them.  Because deep down, we are all strong, we can make it thru just about anything.  It may not seem like it at the time, but the little things are what can keep us going.  And we have to keep each other going.

We all may not be going thru a literal fire, but we all have something that we are dealing with.  It may not seem like a big fire to someone else, but it is to us.  And know that whatever you are going thru, it is important.  You will make it thru.  Someone else is counting on you to sing a song.  But try to sing it better than Girl Person.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

For information on shelters, where to take animals and closures in Sonoma County, click here

To donate to Soft Paws Animal Rescue in Santa Rosa, California, click here



If I Leave Here Tomorrow.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It is not often that I am at a loss for words, or for barks.  Or even growls for that matter.  But yesterday changed a lot of things for many people.  And our hearts are breaking for them.  When we woke up yesterday morning, it seemed that day was night.  And night was day.


The past few weeks and months have been just, well, sad.  It does not help for me to go over all that has happened to so many people in so many places.  It also does not help for me to go into detail about the fires here in California.  Why?  The persons have listened to the news and read the news until their eyes hurt.  Even more hurt than from the smoke.  There comes a point where you just have to realize that some things?  Well, they are beyond your control.


One night can change a lot of things.  We were going to sleep when the fires started.  That day had been a great day at the beach and being together.


And we know many others had a great day too.  You know that we try to stay positive no matter what.  But we also try to be honest no matter what.  And honestly? Our hearts are broken. This place, well.  It means a lot to us.  Our hearts never left here five years ago when we left our little town of Glen Ellen, California.  And when we got back here, we were so happy.  We didn’t know our happy could be changed in an instance.  Tomorrow is something you can’t predict.

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?


Many know that if you have been reading what Digby and I have had to say lately, that it was hurting us to leave here in a couple of weeks.  In fact, because we didn’t know if we could stay, the persons found it hard to drive back thru where we used to live in Glen Ellen those years ago.  They knew that it would hurt too bad to see it and leave again, so we stayed out here in Bodega Bay.  As Sheriff, honest is the name of my game.  And there ya go.

But last week, we braved it and went to our old dog park there.


We saw our old places. and we are so glad we did.  Because now.  Well.  Most of it is gone.

Bye, bye, baby, it’s been a sweet love
Though this feeling I can’t change

When you love something so much, you can’t stand the thought that you might not have it forever.  So I have a question for you.  The things you love?  The people you love? If you leave tomorrow, will they know you loved them?  You may not have any warning, you may not have any choice.  You have a choice today.

Sometimes, our life takes us on travels we did not plan to go on.

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on, now

For many in this California place, they have not only lost their homes, but their memories.  There are many people here that have lost family members.  Some even have lost their lives.  And it will take a very long time to get back any sense of normalcy.  If routine is important to a dog like me, I can’t imagine how it is for persons.  Right now, we don’t know when we are going to leave.  Now we know that people need help, and to leave here now does not seem like the right thing to do, even if our own lives will be put on hold.


We thought we had our tomorrow planned.  But now we are not so sure.  One night changed everything.  And that may have happened to you in your life too. But you rebuilt.  You recovered.  And we know that the wonderful people here will too.  This place is not just made up of beautiful wineries and vineyards that our persons love.


This place is made up of working people, hard working people.  This place is made up of families and farmers and people and furkids.  When will we leave here now? Our tomorrow is uncertain.  But all tomorrows are uncertain.  Aren’t they?

We want our fans to know we are safe.  We are in the safest part of Sonoma County right now.  We are ready to leave the Big Blue Treat Wagon if we have to and drive out of here.  Because our life isn’t about stuff.  Our life is each other.  And we will be reevaluating in the next few days our plan.  This may change alot of our own plans.

As we have always said, in order to help animals, well, you have to help people too.  This goes hand in hand and paw in paw.  There are a lot of people in a lot of areas that need help right now, and furkids too.  Many of our fans and family are torn as to who to help, or they are upset that they can’t donate to every cause.  Listen up.  Not everyone can afford to donate.  Not everyone can travel to help.  But even hitting that “share” button on Facebook, or talking to a friend can help.  We all can so something.  Our “something” is what we need to decide on in the next few weeks.  And we know we can count on you for your support.  I am not even asking this time.

Many of our fans have asked about the rescue we visited here in Santa Rosa, California, Soft Paws Rescue. They evacuated safely, all animals are safe.


But some of the homes they operate out of are gone.  If you can help, please donate here.

Will we figure out what to do from here? We will.  But for now, we love you California.  We love your farms.  We love your food.  The persons love your wine.  We love how welcome we feel here and the simplicity of life here to enjoy the good things.  We love the small towns and the people that care so much about each other.  The places like Sonoma County are truly rare in this world.  We have traveled all over, and this place?  It is something special.  We love you.  And we will help you.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle