How To Be A Tuff Mutt

This is Sheriff Brickle. And here we are! We are nearing the completion of this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  48 states, 48 rescues in one year!  Well…it has taken us longer.  Arrest us.


The last seven states are upon us. And although we are tired, I had a briefing with Deputy Digby and the persons today. It is time to toughen up. It is time to stop being tired and start being tuff. We are mutts. We are tuff. Tuff Mutts! And the persons could learn a lot from us in law enforcement on this issue.

IMG_7810.JPGBeing a mutt is a name to live up to all on its own. Some people have not been educated yet on the importance of animal rescue and how valuable all mutts are. Maybe that is why, during our hike at the Grand Canyon, a man person remarked that mutts shouldn’t be allowed on the trails. Well. Boy Person and Girl Person decided that instead of educating him with a swift kick over the edge, they would let him know by example that mutts like us DO belong on the trail.  We belong anywhere we want to be.


Some people have not learned that a mutt like me is one of a kind…40 different breeds to be exact, but who’s counting? Deputy Digby may be pure Foxhound, but he is a pure mutt too. And that’s a distinctive honor. But I wondered…how could we show this man person how important mutts are whether they are a mix of different breeds, one breed like Digby, old or young?


Being a Tuff Mutt is more than appearance, you see. Rescued animals sometimes become tuff due to circumstances. And sometimes rescued animals are looked down upon. That is why Deputy Digby and I are on this trip. We want people to know that rescues are indeed special. Rescues are indeed tuff. And we are proud to be Tuff Mutts. We have earned it just as much as we have earned our Sheriff and Deputy badges! We work hard at that.


This trip is hard. And Girl Person was tired when we got up this morning. She knew it was a two pot of coffee day. And the bags under her eyes told me so. The trip to Nevada today, our #42 state, seemed overwhelming to her. But as she remembered my pep talk from the morning, she knew it was time. Time to hang tuff.

She remembered that last week, the Grand Canyon was one of the highlights of our trip so far. Some of us like beautiful scenery and some of us named Fred are scared of heights. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Fred…Digby, you get my drift. Or at least you smell it when it comes to Digby. I mean Fred.


The Grand Canyon is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. And I could see why. It tried to compete with my beauty, and the jury is still out on who won this competition. But when I put on my new leash…I think I got an edge over the competition and it gave me more ambition to show that man person I meant business. Even a Tuff Mutt like me likes to be stylish. Being tuff is not something to taken lightly, and folks, I have to look at myself in the mirror every day. I have to have accessories that accentuate my beauty while keeping up my professional, Sheriff look.


As we were enjoying the Grand Canyon, Girl Person remarked that she wished she could free up her hands a bit on some of the trails to take some pictures. She remembered that she had been given some new leashes to try out, the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leashes.


And yeah. She was a bit nervous about trying something new because… yeah. We were at the Grand Canyon, y’all.  But she knew these cool leashes could be used with any existing collar or harness we had.  And it was worth a try.


Because if you don’t go with the flow in life, you get peed on your head by Digby. So we tried out the new leashes from Tuff Mutt while we looked at the sunset. And everything seemed, well, different. One of our favorite things about the bungee leash was the way it springs back. So if we went a little too close to the edge for the persons liking, it would bring us back. And therefore, this made our day. A little bit of freedom for Girl Person to just look meant everything. We don’t know when we are going to be back here again. For Deputy Digby, that is too soon. But for the rest of us, it meant so much. To just stand and look at the beauty of the Grand Canyon for Girl Person and Boy Person without having to hold on to leashes, yet feel secure that we were safe was a dream come true.


Girl Person thought of all the possibilities that a little bit of freedom could make with our new Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leashes. So many people ask why we are always on a leash. Well, we chose to follow the rules of the parks and trails we visit. As law enforcement, we couldn’t have it any other way. But now, if the place is right, Girl Person can give us a little freedom while still having us on a leash. We have to be examples to other dogs and fans. For a man person like the one who remarked mutts shouldn’t be on a trail, we have to show him that Tuff Mutts do belong. We belong on trails, we belong in a forever home, and we belong with a family who will appreciate us and give us the exercise we deserve. A happy dog is one that is able to reach full potential. We are happy to say that Tuff Mutt is a brand we will be using on the rest of this trip in fun places where we can have a bit more freedom.  And we like that they offered, just for our fans, a 20% discount.  And the most versatile part of this leash is that if Girl Person wants to use it NOT hands free, she can.  She is a little controlling in case you haven’t noticed.

In my opinion, now we have Girl Person on a leash! I will explain below a little more on how the Tuff Mutt leash exactly works and how you can get one too…at a 20% discount.  Seriously.  I am serious.


You know that I am good on briefings, so you are welcome. But I am also good at arresting. Did I arrest the man person at the Grand Canyon who was misinformed on mutts? No, I did not. Although I am a Tuff Mutt, it was imperative to me that he see how dogs can appreciate scenery. It was imperative to me that he see how the persons valued our company. It was also imperative to me that he see that even with a little freedom given to us by our Tuff Mutt leashes, that we chose to not push him over the edge. Because the next time he hears about an animal in need, or when he sees a homeless dog, maybe he will stop and think. Maybe he will remember the time that two mutts, Sheriff Brickle and Deputy Digby Pancake only put him on probation. And then, maybe…just maybe he will help.


We have our leashes from Tuff Mutt to thank for giving us a little more confidence. A little freedom is a wonderful thing and shows us and others that life, even on a leash, can be fun. I know that Deputy Digby will never think of the Grand Canyon as a fun place, but I do know he will agree it was fun peeing on that man person’s backpack. For that, Digby…you get a treat. Did I just say that?

Read below to see how you can try the 2 Traveling Dogs approved, Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leash at a 20% discount. Why do we love Tuff Mutt? They love animal rescue too.  Their rescue dog Chester is the inspiration behind their products.  And we thank them for inspiring dog parents to get active, happy and healthy with their mutts.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Here is a little more information and briefing on how the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leash works. Will there be a test? Pawsibly, and I mean yes. Will there be a discount just for our fans?  Absolutely.

* The Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leash is good for avid runners to help relieve shoulder and back pain and helps to continue that natural running motion.
* For active moms, both hands can be kept on a stroller and allows you to stay focused.
* For those who love adventure, the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leash gives you better control when navigating tough terrain, it is weather resistant and made of durable materials.
* If you live in the city, dual handles allow for complete control.

Now for Girl Person’s favorite things about the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leash. She loves the reflective stiching available in a wide array of colors. It keeps us safe from cars and that is super important.


It has a comfy waist belt and an easy-glide belt attachment. She can put both me and Deputy Digby around her waist if she choses to. And you know that we aren’t always the most obedient dogs. So when we decided to lunge after a squirrel, or Deputy Digby tries to roll in something that stinks, the bungee absorbs the shock when we suddenly stop or change direction without knocking Girl Person off of her feet.

Naturally, this leash is great for everyday walks, running, or hiking. And it is going to be with us on the remainder of this Adventure Of A Lifetime!

Any company that choses its name as Tuff Mutt is inspiring to us. A mutt is special. A mutt is valuable. A mutt is needed. Just like Tuff Mutt! A great company with great products, people and message is a company we can support. And we thank them for their support of our rescue mission, safety and fun!

This blog is sponsored by Tuff Mutt. Although we have received compensation for this post, all opinions are our own.

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