You Stay In Your Hole. I’ll Stay In Mine. Thanks.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Oh, how the cookie crumbles in a windstorm in New Mexico. At least that is what I have heard. I have also heard that a certain Girl Person can’t walk correctly in drug store shoes in a windstorm either.  You didn’t hear it from me though.

We are pretty much feeling beat up at this point, New Mexico. Your winds are beyond anything we have ever seen. Or felt.

The amazing power of nature is even more than the Sheriff can arrest. And that is amazing.


Who knew that New Mexico had so many interesting places?  Histories of volcanos?  Not me.  I don’t even know what that is.

When you are trying to travel many miles, the trip can be long, hard and dirty.


That is why, when we met some New Mexico tarantulas yesterday, I thought they had a pretty good idea for the persons.  You see, tarantulas live in holes in the ground called burrows.  And the way that the persons and us are looking right about now, I think we all need our own hole in the dirt.  I guess the RV is a hole of dirt actually when I think about it.

Why persons think that taking a shower every day is so important, I will never know. But yesterday, they were looking forward to their shower here at camp.


They read comments by other people online that had been here that the showers were like a spa. So they packed up all their clothes and soap and headed to the showers. Girl Person kept laughing as she was in there that this spa must have been for prisoners that only like cold water spraying like a stream of bullets on sore butts. To each her own, I suppose. Boy Person didn’t have it that good, and in fact when Girl Person came out to wait for him, and he wasn’t there, she decided to head back to the RV since the wind was blowing her over. As Boy Person finally walked in the door which he could hardly open because the wind kept blowing it shut, she asked him how his shower was. He simply threw all this stuff down and threw up his arms too and said that he was done getting beat up. Why couldn’t they at least turn on a little hot water? Seriously.  Is this not called Valley Of Fires? Duuuhhhhh. Girl Person was sympathetic yet started laughing so hard she dropped her frozen soap and then they both couldn’t stop laughing. They decided that they both needed to go thru another car wash at this point in the trip. I personally think they need to go live with the tarantulas out there.


If you live in a dirt hole, you are expected to be dirty.  You also do not have to take cold showers.  The only problem is that I suspect they aren’t able to fit a couch in a dirt hole.  I hear that they live 10-20 years and sometimes more.  So they probably have to do a lot of remodeling.  And that sounds like work and not relaxing since you can’t fit a couch in there.

I guess that I have come to the obvious conclusion that for the rest of this trip, we better just resign ourselves to the dirt.  To the mess.  To the craziness of this trip.  Because at the end of the day, when you have this, that is a pretty special thing.


So tarantulas?  How about you stay in your hole, and I will stay in mine.  Yours is probably way cleaner.  But mine has a couch.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Fans, today we are headed to a place called Pena Blanca which is near Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Our New Mexico rescue pick is Desert Paws and they have amazing adoptables like PATCHES & KODY!


They may look like a ‘Felix and Oscar’ mismatch, but actually these two girls are ‘2 peas in a pod’. They are 6 yrs old and have been together since they were 6 months old. Their guardian moved without them. Did you know it typically takes a rescue 4x longer to find a home for a bonded pair? We’ve had interest in each, but we don’t want to separate them – they play together, eat together, and sleep together🐕 They are terrific with kids, use a doggy door, house-trained, crate-trained, like dogs that visit, LOVE to be petted and give kisses. They are great family dogs! Patches & Kody are both spayed, utd with vaccines, and microchipped.

One thought on “You Stay In Your Hole. I’ll Stay In Mine. Thanks.

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh how I wish I could adopt those two. They would be perfect here. 🙁 Alas, I am having some financial issues that will not be resolved for another month, I’m afraid. But they are so precious!!! And I’m so glad that the Persons can keep their humor about them, that’s all you need, especially when you are all together, and that pic of you all at sunset is priceless. Like I said, the comedy of the bathing/showering experiences is another book in the making!!!! Love you all, stay safe and stay strong!!!!
    P.S. Girl Person killing me with “sore butts”…..hahahahahaha!!!! And Brickle in the wind “not going in” and of course you, Digby, we all know how you LOVE being dirty!!!!! xoxoxox <3

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