You Have Egg On Your Shoe. And I Like It.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, New Mexico.  You make me more handsome by the minute.  I mean seriously.  Have you ever seen such a profile in the sunlight?  For this reason alone, I find New Mexico very appealing.

We are trying to make our way to a place in New Mexico called Pena Blanca which is near Santa Fe.  It has taken us a very long time to get this far, but who is punching a time clock?  Certainly not us at this point.  We have been on the road since May and this is our #40 state out of 48.  So you can imagine we are a bit tired, a bit dirty and a bit disorganized at this point.  It is kinda like when you stare at my picture.  You can only stare at it for so long until your eyes get tired from it.  Try to look away so you can read the rest.


As we were packing up yesterday, the persons were dragging a bit more than usual.  It is hard for them when we move because everything has to be put away, washed and cleaned.  They have to make sure that nothing will move during the trip and they also have to make sure we have all of our snacks.  That is very important.  Imagine having to move your entire house every few days.


Well, for the last couple of weeks, we have been running late, not finding places to empty out the water in our tanks we carry around, and we have been in some pretty remote areas without places to do laundry.  So.  Since we were at Bottomless Lakes State Park, Deputy Digby suggested that instead of wearing dirty pants, they wear none at all.  However, Girl Person decided she needed to wash out some stuff by hand.  I mean, at this point, who cares about underwear flying in the wind for everyone to see?


Since the underwear was flying in the wind, Girl Person thought it would also be a good time since we were moving again to do all the dishes outside in the dirt.  The water doesn’t seem to sink into the ground very fast here, and so she hiked up her pants, put on her drug store shoes and went to washing dishes in the dirt and water.


Well, when you are outside, washing dishes in the dirt with drug store shoes on because a raccoon or white pants camper man in Florida stole your shoes and you are under your laundry flying in the wind, you don’t really have any dignity left.  And as I looked at Girl Person all dirty trying to get things clean, I saw the eggs.  The scrambled eggs.  All over her shoe.

Now, put me and Digby outside in the sunshiney with our beds and water and snacks, and we are happy campers.


But when all of this is going on around you, you have to wonder.  Is this all work worth it?  All this traveling is hard.  All of this traveling is expensive. And all of this traveling has been long.  The rescues and shelters we visit make us sad sometimes.  But thru it all, we keep going.  And we are happy about it.  How about some “Driving With Digby”?  That is happy.

If someone would have told Girl Person a year ago that she would be wearing part of her breakfast on her shoe, she would have called them crazy.  But the egg on her shoe just shows how much we have all grown on this trip.  How much we have begun to realize just how little we can live without, and how much we actually have.  Because when it comes right down to it, we are not our “stuff”.  We are ourselves no matter what house we live in, what car we drive in, or what we have.  Sure, we have to have shelter and food like eggs on shoes to live, and we are thankful for what we have.  We are also thankful to have the persons as our outside entertainment washing dishes and underwear.  I like eggs on shoes.  But next time, I would prefer the fashion statement of a peanut butter cookie instead.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

This week, our New Mexico rescue pick is Desert Paws Of New Mexico!  They have wonderful dogs available for fostering and adopting like Candy!

share2 NM.jpg

Candy LOVES people and wants to be your one and only ❤️ Golden/Heeler/Lab female about 2 yrs old, tiny tail, spayed, utd with vaccines, microchipped. House trained, crate trained, uses a doggy door!

Also, don’t forget to visit our friends at 4-Legger who have supported us this trip and every rescue we have visited.  We ask you to please stop by their Facebook page and tell them thank you by giving them a like and some love!




3 thoughts on “You Have Egg On Your Shoe. And I Like It.

  1. Jacqueline

    You all never cease to amaze me!!!! And I’m so glad that you are always having reckonings as well!!! No doubt, when you get to wherever it is that your heart brings you at the end of the BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE, you are already changed and more amazing for the experience!!! Words can never express the gratitude that I, along with millions have others, have learned through all of your hard work and perseverance!!! Thank you, Family. I love you like I know you. Safe travels, the HOME STRETCH!!!! xoxoxoxoxo <3
    P.S. More than likely you'll all kind of want to keep moving, it just happens like that!!! But please, remember your "family", as that's what we all are now!!!! *kisses*

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