Bloom Where You Are Planted. In Texas Butter Flowers.

This is Deputy Ranger Digby Pancake. This is the first time I am using my Texas title of Deputy Ranger.


Well, yesterday was the first day of Spring. They say that things smell better during springtime. You know. Like the flowers and the grass. Springtime here is beautiful in this Texas place. I especially like the bluebonnets. They are like a dream come true to me. There is only one bluebonnet that I know of. And I am so excited that we traveled all this way and just in time. Every thing is better with bluebonnets on it.  That’s what they say.

Bluebonnets make butter. Did you know that? No one has ever told me about this because they know that I would have hopped on the first plane to Texas and eat them all.  But I think that I got here just in time for the flower butter season because they are everywhere. And I know that when they really bloom, really, really bloom, there will be butter everywhere! Everywhere for pancakes! Can you imagine?

If I didn’t know better, and I never know better, I would have suggested that these wildflowers had pancake flowers growing next to them. It only makes sense. Since bees pollinate flowers, they could cross pollinate these and even make honey pancakes to go with the bluebonnet butter. As well, a maple syrup flower would have been appropriate to be planted alongside. Now, as Deputy Ranger Digby Pancake with duties in this Texas place this week, this is my first report. Texas. Please start handing out pancake flower seeds, maple syrup seeds and throw them by the bluebonnet flowers. I don’t want anyone digging up anything, despite what my name implies. These seeds are so special that they will grow sprinkled like magic and when that butter blooms, it will be more than any one Texan can handle. Which is why I will be back to help harvest. One we harvest the butter, we can spread it on everything I tell you! Everything!

You may wonder to yourself. What does Sheriff Texas Ranger Peanut Butter Brickle think of my first action as Deputy Ranger? He is too busy making arrests. Monday, he arrested the state of Arkansas for withholding that diamond. And today, he is arresting the cactus plants that have seemed to take hold on my pancake butt which will be even bigger when the bluebonnets are ready. Seems like nature is trying to keep me out of the butter. No one keeps a Digby Pancake out of butter, I will tell you that.

I sure do love this Texas place. They say the stars at night are big and bright here.

And we can tell you that they really are. When we go outside at night, and look up, the world seems very small. You realize just how little we all are and how many pancakes could be on other planets, or if there was a pancake planet. The Texas stars make you think. They make you appreciate how wonderful our life can be when we stop and look up. Or look down. I am ready bluebonnets. Let’s make some butter! I’m waiting.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “Bloom Where You Are Planted. In Texas Butter Flowers.

  1. Jackie

    Deputy Ranger Digby Pancake, maybe you all have found another home when you’re all finished with the rescues? It looks so beautiful!!!! Now I want to polish off a vat of butter!!! xoxoxox
    P.S. I’m so proud of you and your new title!!! Make Texas Proud!!!!! Love you all!!!! <3

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