She’s Every Woman

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Seems like we have been trying to leave this Florida place for weeks now.  Probably because we have been trying to leave this Florida place for weeks now.  It has been hard to say goodbye.  Then say goodbye again.  And say goodbye again, and again. Yeah, you get it.

So when Gandma decided to come visit us yet again and say goodbye the other day at our camping spot, we were a little confused.  Hadn’t we already said goodbye?  Oh, well.  Girl Person said Gandma was coming to eat breakfast with us and that is enough explaining for me.

Now, breakfast with Gandma is a pretty special thing.  But hiking with Gandma? We have never done that before.  And so all of these goodbyes have given us extra time to spend more time with the ones we care about in this Florida place.  Seems like when we actually lived here before, we took that time for granted.  Maybe even with Gandma.  So we were so excited to hike in this Florida place with her.  So excited in fact, that when we went hiking again this morning, we thought every. Single. Woman. Was. Gandma.

It took awhile for Girl Person to realize what was going on.  Why were we so excited to see that woman on the bench?  Gandma? Is that you?  Why were we so excited to see that woman on the boardwalk? So excited that we almost knocked her down? Gandma? Is that you? Every. Woman. Was. Gandma.  In our eyes.


What about that woman with a sandwich?  Definitely thought that was Gandma.  And what about that woman in a canoe?  Gandma.  I even saw a woman on a bridge that would not get out of my way because she wasn’t Gandma in fact.  Gandma knows I am scared of heights.  Definitely not Gandma. So Girl Person kept telling us that not everyone was Gandma, and that we may actually see her again before we leave. That just gives me more time to find her on the trails.  So until we leave, I am going to think every woman I see is Gandma. And maybe, just maybe, like Gandma, I will get a few treats or pancakes slipped under the table. Sometimes, the things you love, you want to see.  Take something you love today….you really love, and find it in your day.  See it in the clouds.  See it in the sky.  See in your thoughts, your mind.  And maybe it will appear right before your eyes.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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5 thoughts on “She’s Every Woman

  1. Janet Schaeffer

    Dogs and children are a like in that they see an older white haired lady and think oldest daughter use to crawl into any old lady’s lap that would let her.

  2. Nina Merklin

    Digby, you are correct to keep looking for Grandma, she is out there somewhere and always will be. Grandma’s are like that.

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