Driving With Digby Will Help Us All With The Sad. Hop In!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I haven’t checked the news today.  And I know I don’t want to.  There has been too many sad stories and too many persons passing away this last year.  I don’t do well with sad news.  There is too much of it.  Too much sad.  Not enough happy. Not enough pancakes. And not enough Deputy Digby. So today, I am at your service.  Let’s get some happy going on up in here!  Wanna go for a ride with me in this Florida place? Let’s go for a drive!

Now, I know what you are thinking.  That song was from the George Michael Person who left us this week. And yep. That is sad.  But what made him happy? Singing!  And his songs make us happy to.  My thoughts are why dwell on the sad?  The happy that came with the persons we loved, who are no longer here, should far outweigh the sad memories.  There are more of the happy memories. So what is hard about that?  Well, we miss them.  Like Carrie Fisher’s dog.  We know he misses his Girl Person.  But we had to laugh at this interview.

Once again, how can you be sad after watching that?  Yes, the Princess will be missed by many.  Probably most of all by her furkid, Gary.  But we have high hopes he will be well taken care of and looked after.  We hope that Gary’s life is filled with much love to come.  There is a little room in the Big Blue Treat Wagon, Gary.  We are parked in this Florida place for a few weeks, so now would be a good time to knock on the door. Just saying.


Too many times, we dwell on the negative.  I can’t tell you how many persons I have heard say that they will be glad when this year is over.  Was every day of 2016 so bad?  Weren’t there some happy times too?  I bet that if  you really stop and think about the happy days of this year that you will appreciate it.  A calendar is just that.  A calendar.  A piece of paper, hopefully a 2 Traveling Dogs calendar.


Turning a page with new numbers that say 2017 won’t make it any different.  Find your happy now.  Don’t wait. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, famous or not.  Rich or not.  Healthy or not.  Dog or person. Frog or rabbit.  Pancake or syrup. So find the good in your day today, and maybe even take a drive with your furkid.  Blast the music, buckle up and look around. Actually look around.  See the good.  And turn off the news. Sheriff Brickle is watching.  So you know what will happen if you don’t do it…

-Deputy Digby Pancake


4 thoughts on “Driving With Digby Will Help Us All With The Sad. Hop In!

  1. Margaret Arnold

    Especially nice today – thanks Deputy Digby!​

    On Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 12:49 AM, 2 Traveling Dogs wrote:

    > 2 Traveling Dogs posted: “This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I haven’t checked > the news today. And I know I don’t want to. There has been too many sad > stories and too many persons passing away this last year. I don’t do well > with sad news. There is too much of it. Too much sad. ” >

  2. Ann Miller

    My dachshunds are always happy to greet the new day. They’ll run and have a little hop in their step, even my 15 year old Cody, wanting their mommy and daddy to help them start the day. I start the day with a smile on my face and by the time I get everyone fed, I’m as happy as they are. My dogs know how to enjoy the day. They might be sad for a short time but a good nap puts them back in their happy place. I think we should take a note from a dog’s day and enjoy the new day, take a nap to get rid of bad things that happen and then wake up to a restarted day with a smile.

  3. Karen Olson

    TU! For reminding me to enjoy the day, every day is a new one to be enjoyed as it comes. I will do my best to enjoy each moment. Especially those I share with loved ones; my dogs mainly because they know how to live in those precious moments and the novel on to enjoy the next one. You reminded me how important it is, Digby.
    Thank you!

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