There’s A Tear In My Beer.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Alabama?  We aren’t ready just yet to leave you.  Your ocean has made me happy.


And we have a very long drive to that Florida place.  So as Sheriff, here are my orders for the week.  Fans?  Listen up because I know you have to plan accordingly too.  We will be in Alabama till Tuesday.  Then, we are going to take two days to get to Tampa, where our families and friends are!  We aren’t sure yet where we are staying along the way yet, but I will be sure and add that to the itinerary as I get the info.  If all goes well, and as long as Boy Person can finally fix our shower, we will be to Tampa on Thursday! Being in Alabama, I have picked up a bit of an accent and southern talk seems to be coming out at random. I will be writing my Alabama accent in italics so you can really hear it.  If things get any better, I may have to hire someone to help me enjoy it.


We really didn’t expect to love Alabama as much as we did.  Aren’t unexpected surprises the best?  Like when you realize my corndog tail is like the cutest tail ever, actually? So we will be a little sad to leave tomorrow.

Now listen up.  I know that dogs don’t drink beer except for Bowser Beer, but you get the point.  And also, Hank Williams Sr. was from Alabama, so you learned something as well. Here is something else you can learn.  Alabama made me happy, despite the fact that I started my life out at a shelter here in Alabama.  It was good to be back and be happy for a change. Did I mention we got to go to the beach?!  I was busier than a cat on a hot tin roof.


Many people don’t think of Alabama as having beautiful beaches, good food and great weather.  There are also wonderful state parks, trails to hike on, and alligator poop for Digby to eat.  Did I say that out loud? He totally got arrested.  That is plain disgusting, Deputy.  His breath was so bad after that, I played the Hank Williams Sr. song again to make me feel better about crying over the stinch.  Sometimes, he is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. They call it Sweet Home Alabama? Stink Home Alabama more like it. No italics needed there.  That is an original saying from me.

While we were here, Girl Person made us an Alabama treat called Alabama White BBQ Sauce to put on our dinner.  This is a local delicacy in Alabama.  Make sure and check out the recipe over on Your Dog’s Diner. And yes, I am being hand fed.  Why would that change in Alabama, y’all?  Hearing you think that makes me madder than a wet hen.


We got to visit a place called the Fort Morgan Historic Site.  Dogs are allowed to tour with their persons too!  I have had a lot of learnin’ here in Alabama. That was fine and dandy.


Now.  Oh my goodness, gracious.  I know I am a sight for sore eyes.  But hold your horses.  I have a few more things to say.  Alabama?  We love ya.  You have brought us one step closer to home and one step closer to a real break before we finish up the remaining 14 rescues on our trip.  We thank your animal rescuers for being so welcoming to us at the Baldwin County Humane Society.  If you missed our video, it is right here.

So today, we will start getting ready to leave tomorrow for our trip to that Florida place.  Girl Person actually is getting her hair done today! I told her it was time.  We can’t go back to that Florida place looking all crazy.  But quit your belly achin. It will soon be time to leave.  Are you ready to take a three week journey in that Florida place?  Will you come along when we visit our families, our friends, our old hiking places, the shelter where Digby and I were at when the persons adopted us, and to the beach? We hope you will stay with us!  One thing I would like to clear up is that you will still get a new dog blog every weekday as usual and our Facebook page will have us on it all day long as usual.  Don’t panic! Thank you for letting us take a break.  It is time. But not before we say to you, Alabama, we love you.  Thank you.  From our hearts.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Thank you to our friends at 4-Legger for donating to the rescues we visit every single week! Visit their Facebook page to give them a “like” as a thank you! And check out their organic shampoo. The persons even use it. They are more than just a great company. Their persons really care, and we are proud to call them our friends.




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