The Bear’s Stroller

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When was the last time that you took a walk? A walk on the wild side?

As we were hiking in the woods this past week, the persons were doing their usual hunting for mushrooms.

And Digby and I were doing our usual hunt for anything edible…stinky or dirty. But Boy Person decided to run a bit further into the woods. He likes to do that.




He likes that running thing he does. But he did get a little scared when he ventured kinda deep into the woods…and came upon…a stroller.

Yep. A stroller.

Seems to me that strollers don’t belong in the woods all by themselves.

Seems to me that whoever took this stroller into the woods and left it also liked yogurt.

But they did not like water. No bottled water for them.

And they seemed to have left a mess and a pile of mystery deep in the woods. If you have been following our adventures for awhile, you may remember when that bear stole Girl Person’s backpack and our dog treats and tried to come in the RV. Yep. You may remember that. I haven’t forgot about it.


And if there was ever a jail for thieving bears, I would know of two bears who deserved a week without honey.

They take a whole chair with one cookie in it. Or a whole stroller with a yogurt in it. But why would a bear need a stroller?

I could not figure this out. Digby says that pretty soon, me and him will ask to be pushed around.  


And I say the persons may need to be pushed around before we do!

If a bear has to push us, so be it. I can imagine that they would be pretty strong.

I am not sure why bears don’t just take food and run. Persons do it all the time.

But no. When they smell something or see something that they like, they don’t bother to pick and choose. They take it all.

I can imagine that they would go to all of the places with their strollers. The grocery store…the theme parks. All of the places.

So bears? If you forgot that stroller in the woods, I know where it is in Georgia. I know.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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