We’re Hanging On Like Hair In A Biscuit

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Alabama?  You are surely a place we needed to come to on this part of our trip. The water and sea breeze are enough to make anyone feel better. Thank you for that.


We even got to visit a dog park yesterday in this Alabama place and meet an Alabama girl named Stella who was a rescue too.  She was awful purty.  That is a word in Alabama.


We are all running a little slower after coming to our #34 state on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And we are hanging on like hair in a biscuit, y’all.  With butter.  Always. Butter.

But when you are in the South, things seem to move a bit slower anyway, and that is good. Like the people.  Because they are full of biscuits and gravy. That is what I have figured out. And since we are here in Alabama, we may have to load up on that this weekend.  You know, to fit in and everything.  When you are tourist, you try to blend in.  Like melted butter.  Always. Butter.

Alabama may be different than what you think.  Sure, the sweet southern people and sweet tea are abundant.  But its beaches, its food and its animal rescuers are what makes it so special to us.  You know, like fresh butter.  Man, I want some pancakes and no one seems to be getting my hint.

Yesterday, we visited the last rescue we will visit before our Florida place vacation next week.  We met the people and animals at the Baldwin Humane Society in Fairhope, Alabama.  We have to say, this place touched our hearts.  We can’t wait to tell you more about them this weekend and share with you the latest episode of Stop Hounding Me.  Make sure and look for it Sunday on our page.

Sugar here is available for adoption through the Baldwin Humane Society


I have one thing to say fans.  I know that we are all tired since leaving on this trip May 2nd with no break.  And I bet you are tired too!  We hope you are ready for a very special three weeks in that Florida place as we show you our families, our friends and the places we have missed these eight months.  We hope you will stick with us as we recoup and get ready to finish up the 14 remaining deserving rescues and states on this trip.  Are you ready to have some fun?

Oh, and Alabama.  Your beauty will always stick with me like hair in a biscuit.  But we aren’t leaving till Tuesday, so let’s throw some gravy on that biscuit and show what you are made of.  With butter.  Always. Butter.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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5 thoughts on “We’re Hanging On Like Hair In A Biscuit

  1. Cat McDowell

    You guys are a little crazy anyway to do what you do, but I cannot imagine doing it continuously (or conTIGuously) without seeing friends & family. Have a great R&R! I’ll still be here!

  2. Angie Coleman

    Used to know a man that said “like a hair in a biscuit” and I always thought he had made it up! Didn’t know it was a “thing”, lol!
    Enjoy your time off ! You’ve all earned it!

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