Buckingham Palace? Nah, Alabama.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Alabama? We are definitely settling in to enjoying your awesomeness.  I know that the feeling is mutual.  Every state I go to, that seems to happen.  We fall in love with you, but you already have feelings for us.  Can’t say as I blame you.  And after yesterday, I am starting to remember why you seem so familiar.


Girl Person seems to think that it is important to know where Deputy Digby and I came from. She says that she wants to show people around the world how two rescue dogs,  2 Traveling Dogs can make a difference.  She wants to thank the people that saved us.  She asked Boy Person what the chances were in the big scheme of things that Digby and I were to end up with them.  Boy Person told her nothing could have changed their lives more.  Well, we stop today and appreciate.  We appreciate where we came from. And since we are in Alabama, and headed to Florida, it sure seems appropriate.


As you know, we are from that Florida place.  At least the persons are.  They adopted me from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in 2009 and Deputy Digby in 2010 from there also. But how did we end up there? That is the question. Our Gandpa said that he thought we were from Buckingham Palace because we are living like royalty.  Our Gandpa is purty smart.

Girl Person found out that I came from the Wiregrass Humane Society in Dothan, Alabama, along with my bother and sister.  Finally! I have been trying to tell them this for years, but no one speaks dog.

Then I was transferred to Tampa in order to save my life.  Deputy Digby came from Nassau County Animal Services in Fernandina Beach, Florida and to save his life, he was also sent to the Humane Society in Tampa Bay.

It seems awful strange that we are finding out all of this information the week we are on the Alabama/Florida line.  Girl Person has tears in her eyes and extra wine in her glass.  Because she has an idea…

What were our stories at those shelters?  The persons don’t know yet.  But we feel like maybe we need to visit these shelters.  To thank them.  So while we are in that Florida place starting next week for a few weeks, we are going to visit the Humane Society in Tampa Bay first to thank them.  And show you where Girl Person and Boy Person adopted us, and where we rescued them. Then, at the end of our trip in May, we are going to visit those shelters that originally saved us and thank them.  And possibly find out our stories, raise some money for them, and just give them some love.

If you have a rescue animal, you probably have always wondered what their story was.  Well, I am here to say that although that story is important, the story you start after your rescue is what counts.  Deputy Digby and I have proved that every animal is important.  Every life matters.  And we won’t stop until everyone knows that.

Oh, and Alabama? We are excited to be here this week before we start our Florida vacation! The alligators though? Not excited about that by the way.


We think you are pretty awesome, Alabama, and although we aren’t from Buckingham Palace as Gandpa says, my handsome is pretty much royalty and I think that is appreciated in Alabama!  Do you want to take pictures of me instead of the other way around?  I charge for that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

P.S. This is Deputy Digby Pancake. This month, we asked our fans to read a book along with us, The Endless Path.  And today, I want to read a passage for you, one of my favorites, from the book and my friend, Gunny. This is from Chapter 11.  And I would really like to hear your thoughts..or your dog’s thoughts. Either one.  Or both.  Like pancakes and syrup.  In this passage from the book, Gunny is talking about his Girl Person, Laurie. 


“I think Laurie needed to slow down and do something different, more meaningful to her.  In her lawyer days she was gone so much of the time and really didn’t have much of a life of her own.  I missed her so much when she was gone.  Sometimes, like a child, I wondered if I was forgotten, still loved.

I do know how much Laurie loves me.  She is my best friend because we have a connection, a history.  Our life, this life, is intertwined.  We have shared so much together.  I am closer to Laurie than to any other human I know.  She is my best love, the one who loves me no matter what, the one who is there for me, on call twenty-four hours a day.  What could be better, best than that?  She feels so much for me it is really overwhelming sometimes because I don’t know how I could ever pay it back.  I know my love for her is deep and enduring, but I am so different than she.  She doesn’t know if I were human that I would be to her what she is to me”.

Oh, my little Digby heart.  When Girl Person read this part of the book to me, I really thought about it.  Some persons think that their animals don’t know how long they are gone in a day. They think we can’t tell time. They think that we don’t miss them with all our hearts every single minute they are gone.  Time is the only thing that an animal does know for certain.  Because time measures love to us.  And we miss you.  Don’t think we do not.  Do not fool yourself like saying that margarine is the same as butter.  Don’t do that.

Time together is precious to us.  We want to be with you.  And when people discard their animals, or give up on them…we know that too.  We count on you with our lives, with love and that love is measured by the time we have with you.  Please don’t take a moment for granted.

We think you will LOVE The Endless Path as much as we do.  Get your copy today and read along with us next week too at www.theendlesspath.com




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  1. Margaret Arnold

    Very nice. Another dog book I need to read. I will miss your posts while you are on “vacation” in Florida​ and hope you have a few minutes in between pancakes and peanut butter to keep us updated. Merry Christmas! 🌲

    On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 1:01 AM, 2 Traveling Dogs wrote:

    > 2 Traveling Dogs posted: “This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Alabama? > We are definitely settling in to enjoying your awesomeness. I know that > the feeling is mutual. Every state I go to, that seems to happen. We fall > in love with you, but you already have feelings for us. ” >

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