The Little Flower And The Big Tree

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This is Fruitycake. I am really learning that weather in different places are very different! I am from that Florida place. And I never even knew that there was anywhere else.

I had to deal with a lot of traffic and rain in the city where I walked around. It was hot many times too. I didn’t know what a mountain was until just last week. And I have to say, I am not so sure about all of this.


Camping World

Everything is very overwhelming. There are new smells and new sounds. There are new people and new animals. And it has been raining a lot in this North Carolina place.


So much so that we couldn’t even get out of the RV some days.

We had to move a lot. And the rain poured down so hard that the rivers were high, it was scary, and our hiking path was blocked by a very big tree. The very big tree had fallen. There was no way for us to get over it, or around it. Brickle says a few years ago, he would have tried to jump over it. And I am in awe of that.

I am also in awe that a tree that big could fall from rain. Especially when I looked over and saw a little flower right next to the tree that had survived the storms. How did that happen?

Brickle told me that just because you are big like the big tree, that doesn’t mean you are stronger than a little flower.

He said that the little flower knew how to bend with the wind. The tree did not. He said the little flower knew how to weather the storm. The big tree did not. And I thought about that.

Some persons may think that because I am a dog, or “just a dog”, as they say, that I am not strong. That I am not able to adjust or change. That is why some persons don’t give rescue dogs a chance. They don’t want to put in more work or effort. I wish that they would. I also wish that others would see how strong they are and stop comparing themselves to others by appearances.

Some may have more money than you. Some may be younger than you. Some may have had an easier life than you. Some may say you aren’t pretty enough, or good enough. I am here to say that you are like that little flower.

You know how to bend with the storms of life and you have learned many lessons. You may see others fall around you. But that will not happen to you. That will not happen to me. We know how to climb those trees!

WE don’t give up.

We embrace the rain and take the lessons and we look up at the sun and know it will come out again.

When I think about all that I have been through, I may not smell like that little flower. And you might not either. Just saying…but! You are as worthy as that little flower to live. Bloom! It is your time. It is my time too.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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