And The Rain Keeps Pouring Down

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  We have had a lot of rain this week where we are in this North Carolina place.  In fact, there was only one day that it did not rain.

And it was hard for me to remember what sunshiney even looked like.  It was hard for me to remember what sunshiney even felt like.

I know I may sound dramatic.  But to me, every day counts.  I don’t want to just make it through a day.  I want to enjoy every day.  And it has been hard to keep seeing the rain pour down.  Have you ever felt like that?

Fruitycake may have been a stray.  He may have had a hard life.  But what I see with Fruitycake is that he is so appreciative.  Even of rainy days.  He shows me that it is possible to see something good, even when things seem bad.

Now I am not talking about devesating experiences that happen sometimes that you cannot make better with a smile.  And that cannot be made better by anything.  In times like that, sometimes there is nothing you can do but breathe.

But I am talking about the small downpours in life that make us upset.  Or that make us sad.  Or that make us down.  Fruitycake has made me realize that maybe I have been taking for granted what I do have.  Because even on the rainy days, I have  somewhere to get out of the rain.  Do you?

No one can understand what you go through in your storms.  No one knows that but you.  Only you know how and why a storm starts in your life, what made up that storm, and how you feel.

But did you know that you are your strongest umbrella?

Tell yourself thank you for all that you have made it though.  Tell yourself thank you.  The person you were when you were small.  The person you are now.  Aren’t you a storm to be reckoned with? You sure are. And I am proud of you.

I know there will be more rainy days and downpours.  I felt it when Digby passed away and it still rains on me with memories. But I know when the sun comes out again, maybe today, I will really feel it.  And that is the best feeling of all.  Somehow the sun will be warmer  Brighter.  Real.  And it is stronger than any downpour.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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