What Is In This Fruitycake?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon.  Yes, you may have already guessed by now that I am not a raccoon.

You may have already guessed that I am not a fruitcake.

But ever since the persons adopted me from the shelter jail place, they get all kinds of questions about what I am.

I had no idea what they were talking about at first. Obviously, I am a dog that looks like a raccoon and that looks like an Italian fruitcake.  Obviously.

But the persons told me that other persons like to know what kind of breeds make up as dogs.  I didn’t even know what a breed was except for the rescue breed.  But I know that it is fun to see what breeds make me up.

Who my ears take after, or my legs.  Why I have the patterns I do with my fur.  So do you know?  Can YOU guess what is in this fruitycake?

I am learning that persons really, really, love dogs.  Not all persons I guess.  But in my world, I choose to believe that someone will love me for me, no matter what breeds I am.  Don’t we all want that?

But we also all want to know where we came from, what our family before us was like, and a bit about our history.  You may know me as a stray dog that was rescued from a shelter with over 600 other dogs.

But I am more than that.  EVERYONE is more than what others think of them. In my world, everyone would love each other no matter what appearances are, and no matter if we are persons or animals. So let’s just have some fun with what breeds make me up with love. Just like a fruitcake, I am many ingredients!

I am delicious! I am Fruitycake The Raccoon!

The persons did a dog dna test on me!  And tomorrow, I will tell you what breeds came out on the test on this blog!  Are you ready to guess?  Here are the clues!

  1.  I am mostly 4 breeds with a touch of others mixed in!  Guess what my four, primary breeds are!
  2.  Guess what breeds my mom and my dad were!
  3. Guess how many relatives they found of mine! Yes, they found relatives!

In this world we live in that has so much bad, there is still so much good.  Don’t let bad news and bad persons change who you are.  Love who you want to love, be friends with who you want to be friends with, be kind to everyone you meet, even if they are not kind to you.  Living on the streets, I knew hard times.  But I also found love.  Rescued will always be my breed.

Now…time to guess! What is in this Fruitycake?!

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

8 thoughts on “What Is In This Fruitycake?

  1. Jacquelyn

    Well Fruitycake you definitely don’t look like a racoon or an Italian fruitcake. Whatever you are you are just adorable and perfect! I guessed before last week, but I will guess again for fun. I think you have some English setter, definitely Australian Shepherd, maybe a little blue heeler and Border Collie. I can’t wait to hear the results tomorrow. Rescue has always been my favorite breed too. I will always love you and Brickle and I will never forget Digby either!❤️🐾

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