Extra Care For Senior Dogs In Summertime

This blog post is sponsored by YuMOVE.  Thanks to YuMOVE, our active and senior dogs have seen increased mobility, range of motion and excitement at hiking time! Use coupon code 2TD20 to save at www.yumove.com

It’s that time of year again!  How did it get here so fast?  Summer is in full swing, and that means full fun!  But for senior dogs, we have to recognize that the way we took care of our dogs when they were younger in summertime is different than how we care for them now as seniors.  And they deserve all the extra care in the world.

We take much shorter hikes during the summer than we do in any other season.  Brickle and Digby are not as tolerant to the heat now, so we do our hiking in the early morning or early evening.

Rules we follow during summer:

Warm up and cool down periods for exercise

Research hiking trails on length, shade and elevation changes

We don't encourage excessive running or jumping due to injuries

We watch for signs of discomfort, and we are ready to change activities if needed

We provide plenty of water

If you are older yourself, you know the aches and pains and stiff joints that come on in the morning.  And our dogs are no different.  We found that YuMOVE was one of the daily must-haves for our boys.  The chewable treats get them going in the morning with a strong smell and flavor they love.


How do you know that your dog may need the joint support supplements from YuMOVE?  There are signs.  Sleeping more, having difficulties rising after resting, reluctant to jumping or playing or falling behind in walks.

Brickle and Digby were definitely exhibiting these signs, so I started them on YuMOVE.  I wasn’t counting on a huge difference.  And I was wrong! Because in just 2 weeks, Digby was able to get up easier.  Brickle was able to lay down easier.  Digby’s leg stopped shaking.  And I just couldn’t believe it.

I used to be sad that my boys couldn’t do as much as they used to.  But I realized that if they were happy, I would be happy.  I just had to figure out how to help them do what they love in a way that didn’t harm them.  YuMOVE has helped with that!

Only YuMOVE products include their unique ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel. It’s one of the key ingredients in the YuMOVE range, and is sourced from specially selected, crystal clear bays in New Zealand. We may be vegan, but our dogs are not. However, what we feed them has to be sustainably sourced.  And YuMOVE fits our criteria.

The specific growing conditions and special processing of the mussels mean the active elements are significantly stronger than standard versions. Sourcing and strength make all the difference, ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel contains 4x more Omega 3 fatty acids than standard versions! Their website states “Because of all that, ours has been given a name that you won’t spot elsewhere – ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel. ActivEase® is our promise to you. A promise that we can offer your dog a superior ingredient to everyone else. We plop an entire ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel into every YuMOVE tablet, capsule and chew.”


Did you know that your dog’s joints need even more care than ours do because of the amount of walking, running and jumping they do?That’s why this ingredient, Green Lippped Mussel, is so often used in canine, as well as human, supplements. Be wary that the quality and concentration of Green Lipped Mussel can vary greatly from one brand to the next. YuMOVE is proud that their ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel contains four times as much active Omega 3 than standard versions.

This summer, Brickle and Digby may be 12 years young, but we are ready!  Summer means increased activity.  So be prepared with YuMOVE now and get your dog started on their supplements.  What are some of the possibilities for your dog during summer?

Swims! Extra walks in good weather! Car Rides! Dog Park Fun! Don’t let time slip away with your dog feeling less than the best.  Get YuMOVE today and see the difference in your dog just like we did for Brickle and Digby!

-Rachael Johnson, Co-Founder, 2 Traveling Dogs

We want to thank YuMOVE to sponsoring our rescue of the month for May, June and July!  Not only does YuMOVE take care of our dogs, they send product donations to our rescues that we pick to highlight.  Our latest fundraiser can be seen here and thank you! Every dollar and every share counts!



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