When You Forget What You Have

This is Brickle. How much are you using today? Of what? Everything. How much are you throwing away? Of what? Everything.

Isn’t it easy to take for granted and waste whatever it is that we have in our lives? I know that as much food as you give Digby, he won’t waste a drop. But me? Well, sometimes I do take for granted what I have…if it isn’t my favorite. And maybe I don’t use enough of it. I leave some on my plate. And I wonder if I will regret it one day.

No matter how much we have, we seem to need more, don’t we? Whether that is money. Or time. It is like when payday comes, wow…you feel like you have so much to spend. And then the next day, you need more. I always need more peanut butter cookies after payday. Always.

We were caught in a storm this past weekend in that Georgia place. We had been so busy all week that we didn’t have time to get to the grocery store.

So Girl Person kept looking in the cabinets and the refrigerator. What did we have? What could we make to eat? Was it going to be enough? And it was. Because we used some of the items we had left in the cabinets as a last resort. And it was a last resort. But it was good. Real good!

And we would have missed out on that stuff if we would have cooked something else.

No, something may not always be our first choice. But if we are wasteful, we are disrespectful. Not only to the environment and ourselves, but to others that may not have much at all. Or anything. What would they give for our leftovers?

If we are always striving for what we don’t have, we forget what we do have.

Whether it is the people in our lives, things or goals. Look at what you have today, and don’t try to fill it with what you don’t have. Only use what you do have. And realize how fortunate you are.

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