Don’t Pet The Petroglyphs!

This is Digby Pancake.  There are so many rules in life!

Don’t do this. Don’t do that.  Don’t eat this. Don’t bark at that.

But when it comes to learning, the persons say do it all.  Read. Learn. Explore. But don’t touch.

Yesterday in this New Mexico place, the persons wanted to take us to see something called petroglyphs.

I thought we were going to get another pet or something.

But the persons said nope, that’s not what they were.

And so they explained.

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The problem was, no pets were allowed on the particular trail they were going to.  It was also very, very hot.

And so it was time for me and Brickle to very, very rest for an hour.

They took pictures for us, and brought us back some videos to take a look at.  All I saw was pictures on rocks.

I thought I probably would be told not to water that.

The persons said that these pictures were very special and were carved by very special people many years ago. She told me that no one can know exactly why they carved the pictures except the ones who created them.

And they are not here to tell us.  So part of the enjoyment is imagining, and learning and listening to the winds of stories all around.

So why couldn’t dogs go on that trail, I wondered, if we didn’t touch the rocks.

Girl Person said that they have to be protected so that many others can enjoy them. She said to be honest, it was hard NOT to touch the pictures.

She said sometimes, she feels like a kid and doesn’t want to listen, so dogs definitely would have no self control.  I guess I understand.  Don’t pet the petroglyphs. If we consider something valuable and to be a treasure, we will treat it like one.  And we will also want as many individuals as we can to enjoy it too.

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Life is more than the ones who are on this earth now. We have to respect what was left behind and remember that a real individual was behind it…just like you and me.

Not every mystery will be solved, and that’s ok.  Because part of learning is imagining.

Learning about others helps us learn about ourselves. Definitely don’t pet the petroglyphs and I wouldn’t suggest petting Brickle either..

We are back on the road today and our destination for the weekend is Amarillo, Texas!  

-Digby Pancake

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