Clue #2-You Are The Fish To My Chips

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. You may have heard yesterday that Sheriff Brickle loves spaghetti.  He went on and on about it.


Oh, I like spaghetti alright.  I like every food alright. In fact,  I have never met a food I turned away.  There are some that like more than others…true.  One of the foods that may be at the bottom of my list is mushy peas.  Unless you put them on a pancake, and in that case, I would pour some maple syrup on the peas and still enjoy that pancake.  Why?  Many think that I am a Labrador Retriever, but you may be surprised to know I am actually an English Foxhound rescue.  A proper English Foxhound. And a proper English Foxhound must eat the mushy peas.

But a proper English Foxhound rescue dog like me also likes a proper fish and chips entree’ more than Brickle loves himself.

Oh, fish and chips.

Some things you can’t have without the other.  Like me and Brickle.  It’s just a package deal.

There are many places in the world to enjoy…aren’t there? I guess it is about finding a way to get there.  Finding time to get there.  Finding someone who wants to go there too. Finding out if you can get there.  And dreams are like dogs.  You can’t have just one.


Sometimes, a dream may seem like just a dream.  Sometimes, people may tell you that your dream is impossible.  Sometimes, people may tell you not to even find out if you can make your dream come true.  But here is the scoop.  It is up to you to find out.  A dream can be just a thought, and if that is ok with you, that is ok.  But if you truly must find out if you can live that dream, you have to start somewhere.  And even if you find out it won’t work out, you will never have that doubt.  I sometimes think that I can’t possibly eat all of those pancakes, but most of the time, I find out that I can.


Right now, I am dreaming about fish and chips and how they would taste in that London place.  That’s the sort of dream an English Foxhound has.

But what is your dream?  Have you truly explored it, or have you listened to the doubts in your own mind?  If two rescue dogs like me and Brickle can travel the country in a big house on wheels, you can do what you set your mind to as well.  Who is the fish to your chips?  Your dreams are part of you.  You can’t have one without the other.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Look for Clue #3 tomorrow to our big news on November 1st!  Today, we are leaving Franklin, North Carolina.  We have a really long drive to Rome, Georgia and then…you will just have to wait and see!

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One thought on “Clue #2-You Are The Fish To My Chips

  1. Theresa Bates

    Ha! Hints: around 20 Romes in the U.S. and 10 Londons, so what’s the next hint? And then we still won’t know. You just keep us guessing. So, RVing around Europe? Just gotta get BBTW there and keep it running. Or just going to every Rome and Every London and every… what else?… in the U.S. That could take a while, too! Love trying to figure out what your big announcement will be, but I’m pretty sure I still don’t really have a clue! Thursday is coming!

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