Gotta Keep Your Head Up

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever had one of those weeks where it was hard to keep your head up?  It was hard to keep being positive?

Yeah, well, our week started off like that.


But sometimes, after the hardest hours, the hardest days, the hardest years…you start to see light.  You start to see the light that was really there the whole time.  You just couldn’t see it.  But it was waiting for you.  I know that Virginia was waiting for us.  I see that now.


Here we were, all worried that Brickle may miss his beach too much.  We were worried that the Big Blue Treat Wagon would leave us pushing it off the road.  We were worried that the rain would leak inside the RV.  We were worried about the future.


Well, we still are worried about some of that stuff.  And it’s ok if you worry for just a little bit to figure things out.  But to let that worry cloud out all the other stuff around you?  That is heavy.  That will definitely cause you to put your head down.  And you can’t do that.  You have to keep it up.


Because the cloud will bring rain, and the rain will end, and then your rainbow will be there.  What if you are too worried to lift your head up when it is all said and done?

When the cool breeze came yesterday, it was a real eye opener.  Because no matter what the persons’ worries were, they could not deny that we were in a beautiful place. This Virginia place.

The persons could not deny that even though they have worries right now, you can worry and ignore the good around you.  But that isn’t going to change anything.  Anything at all.


The world goes on being good around us for a reason.  Because not everything is about us.  Except if you are Brickle.


So if you had a hard week like us, and I can keep my head up, even with a  full belly and a nap calling my name, you can do it too.  We have more adventures to go on and we aren’t ready to let a little trouble get us down for long.  You see, eventually, as Granny Person always used to say, “this too will pass.”  Keep that in mind, but even if your pancakes are cold, they are still worth eating.  There is always something good even when you are worried about the not so good.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Have a wonderful day Xxxooo you guys are awesome and I enjoy hearing about your journey. Have a blessed Friday

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