Be Brisky and Frisky

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Every day when we wake up, we have a few choices.  What to eat for breakfast.  Who to arrest.  Who not to arrest… which is no one.  We also have a choice on whether we choose to live life, or just live.  Whether you want to admit it or not, and I am a Sheriff, so I get people to admit stuff, you have a lot of control over your day.  Even if Brisky and Frisky wake you up at the crack of dawn.

Yep.  Sometimes you would think that when you live in a big house on wheels that you should expect a few odd things in normal, day to day living. Like sometimes, the RV shakes at random. Often, things stop working like air conditioners or water heaters or electricity or batteries or refrigerators.  Ok, maybe that is just in this RV.  You would also think that you would have less of a chance of things going wrong when you are sitting still, but nope.  Things still break at random, and you get kind of used to it.  So when your house starts shaking, you think, oh great, what now.  But you never would think that there are elephants on top of it, unless you hear the elephants on top of it. And you wonder.  Is this really normal?


There I was, doing my normal thing of laying around watching the persons make their coffee mud, listening to Digby snore and kick the wall, and waiting until it was time to go outside.  Then. The shaking started like an earthquake.  Or, I mean, RV quake.  None of us knew what it was, but as I looked outside and saw them, I knew.  These guys.  Brisky and Frisky must have already had their coffee mud.  Brisky and Frisky had an early start, and they intended to live their life today by trying to knock over the bird feeder.  Yes, the Olympics should just stop right now.  The winners of all time are Brisky and Frisky.

The RV shook so hard that we wondered if the squirrels were in fact going to drop down through the skylight.  And if that would have happened, I can’t say that an arrest would  have come.  Because there would have been two.  But instead of falling through the ceiling, they hooked their feet onto the lights in the front of the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, hung upside down, and managed to not only eat most of the bird seed in one sitting, but they took some for later, ran up the tree about ten times, back across the RV and this was on repeat for about an hour.  Until Boy Person wondered if they were playing so hard that they were going to damage our windshield! So as he went outside to survey the situation, the squirrels became surprised and jumped so far that they surprised themselves.  We were all surprised.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.  This was a show that anyone would pay to watch.  Brisky and Frisky were out to entertain, impress and captivate their audience.  Except for Digby.  He was still asleep.


As I sat there and watched Brisky and Frisky, and as I watched the persons watch Brisky and Frisky, I wondered.  Was there much more to a good day than this?  Persons can start to think that everything is a bother, a pest.  But when they actually take just a minute to see the Briskys and Friskys all around them, and the humor in all of the things that make the world go round, that is a gift.

The squirrels had fun taking our gifts to be sure, but they left us with much more in return.  All animals do.  And it is our responsibility to show them our thanks in helping them when we can.  Or simply…just letting them BE.

We all are just renting space on this earth, no matter what your piece of paper says.  Whether you are parked in a space for a little while, or pour concrete over your space, take the time to meet the ones that were there long before you.  And who have a right to be there too.  See how they live life every day because they choose to.  You can make the same choice too.


I wish though, that Brisky and Frisky might set their alarms for an hour later tomorrow.  Just a suggestion, guys.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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